Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex: ‘If you listen to what I actually say, it’s not controversial’

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Meghan Markle is sharing how she deals with her haters and a discussion for Fortune Magazine's most powerful women summit. She says that she has a sense of humor about it and just keeps real. It's about being authentic, and if you look back at anything that I've said. It's really interesting because it often ends up what ends up being inflammatory. It seems is people's interpretation of it, but if you listen to what I actually say. It's not controversial. And actually some of it is is reactive to things that just haven't happened. Okay. So she talks about being authentic guys thing Meghan Markle is authentic that girl in your group who's like I'm real I like to say like it is I'm always real. Things that you say because I truly think that she is very careful with her words because I do some very smart with it. She's very smart. It's the things that she doesn't say. The things that she didn't say about moving her family from one side one side of the world to the Knicks how hard that could be. She's not saying she hates her inlaws everybody as their in laws give us a little. She says what? Sometimes it's hard. We ever is the Queen. I. Don't think you could say that I mean I think she has to show respect to the authority that the clean has and says, she can't be wine. Lovely. As much as anybody else. But every now and then you can admit sometimes crosses the line. Is. Not. Her mother law is not the Queen of England or or the Prince of England like it's totally different think and she's tried to navigate I think I think I will say in their defense I think she realized that she was not going to be able to survive in that reality of being a part of the royal family, the Royal World and the Royal Protocols they have now moved to the United States. They haven't been here that long we've been in a quarantine for the majority of. The time that they've here. So I feel like now she's going to figure out and navigate and see how she's going to navigate through becoming more authentic and approachable. But also you think about it with the royals are the only sort of old old school institution where like not everything is on and not everything is on instagram. They're not putting all of their business out there and so I think she's authentic to the level that she can be authentic actually don't even really do that many interviews so. We just bits and pieces here and there and maybe. Not, working down more she's up breaking her breakfast smoothie in the morning for.

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