Washington, DC-area voters react to 2020 presidential debate


To last night's brawl about debate. Double DT Opie's continuing coverage campaign 2020. We asked you what you got out of a debate that appeared more like a street fight. There was little to no decorum. I was very disappointed in last night's debate. Voters like Tina from Montross, Virginia, called us on the W. T O P talk back line to say they weren't happy with either side. I honestly feel that it wasn't a debate, but that of a debacle. I just pray that both of these candidates can please get themselves together. Before the next debate, Dan Shapiro called from Northeast D. C. Basically, that was the base know something you see on Jerry Springer or more opponents Reality show, he says. Nobody won. And the biggest loser of the night was the American public. Nick in Delhi. W. T. O P News

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