Tropical Storm Isaias leaves over 90k without power in New York


Hundreds of thousands still don't have electricity, Conrad says. They've turned the power back on for about 270,000 customers, but they've got a lot more to go. Just between the city and Westchester alone. We're looking at almost 90,002 people who still are without power. The hardest hit burrows, Queens. That's where 10 10 wins reporter Carol D'Auria fountain. Quite frustrated New Yorkers, One of the neighborhoods that still has no electricity is 92nd Avenue in 219th Street in Queens Queens Village. Village. One. One. Alvarez Alvarez is is all all the the food food and and his his two two refrigerators refrigerators went went bad, bad, so so they've they've been been eating eating take take out out food. food. The The problem problem is is a a huge huge tree tree that that was was filled filled by by the the hurricane hurricane last last Tuesday because of this one. Specifically, the tree knocked down one of the main poles. So that's why night on electricity for a lot of a lot of the neighborhood. What? Yeah, they have to rebuild the actual, the whole electric unit. Hopefully, by Sunday, it will be fixed The anchor as well. The commissioner of the Office of Emergency Management says Queen seems to have taken the brunt of the storm and especially hit Flushing. They sign Historia and Woodhaven. We're working as quickly as we can. Our priority is really to focus on those life threatening. Conditions were trees again are on houses, power lines and in streets. I mean, we're clearing those everyday. They're very time consuming removal because of the safety concerns, helping Oh am clear. The trees are crews from the sanitation department. Carol D'Auria Tantan winds in

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