Jimi Hendrix’s ‘60s Japanese sunburst guitar sells for over £160,000 at auction


Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix that guitar that he played in the early sixties, sold at auction with 216 K boys and girls. He was a young Morocco in York City four times the pre auction estimate. They said, 50 to 60 right We talked about this the last time. Hendricks began playing this sunburst electric guitar made in Japan after he was discharged from the Army in 62 that he was even in the army. After leaving Fort Campbell. He moved to Clarksville, Tennessee. For a short time, man. They must have thought he was something else in Clarksville, Tennessee. He played on the chitlin circuit with Wilson Pickett, Slim Harpo, Sam Cooke, I Cantina and Jackie Wilson. I didn't know you played Jackie Wilson for he moved into Harlem. In 1964 where he stayed until 1966 playing venues such a cafe Wah and the Cheetah Club. Hendricks remained in possession of the guitar through his brief tenure with the Eiseley Brose and his own Jimmy James at the blue Flames in the blue plate when he went to England. Guitar was left in New York at the apartment of his friend might quite shy. What is it that it was named? Question provided watching, he pried a notarized letter of Providence for the instrument prior to its own prior to his death. You get tired at a pre auction estimate has said 50 60 reached a high bid of 180 when factoring and fees the total bill was 216,000. Other notable music related items. From this auction, artifacts of Hollywood and music events 14,014 carat Cole. A gold ring on by Elvis went for 20 to 5. A pair of princes, custom made purple boots went 13,000 before they were sold. One of Michael Jackson's sequined black jackets went for 20 Okay, people, low spending a lot of money in auctions people by and that's where they get it

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