More shark sightings force Long Island beaches to close

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Could be restricted again. It's um Long Island beaches after Mohr Shark sighting fishermen caught a sandbar shark Jones Beach yesterday prompted lifeguards to only allow folks in waist deep. Same case for Dickerson Beach and also some shark sightings at Atlantic Beach that forced the red flags up very frustrating for folks who want to cool off on a hot, humid summer day. So I guess we'll just stay is ankle deep in a number of shark sightings and sharks caught by fishermen off Long Island beaches over the last few weeks, I'm Scott Pringle, double the Tardis. Russia claims it has developed the world's first corona virus vaccine, but officials here in the US are skeptical. In this country. The development of vaccines comes and phases you try in the lab and phase one. A few people try and phase two after 30,000 volunteers or given it during Phase three, Russia has skipped phase three altogether and gone straight to production. After Paul Offit is with the vaccine Education Center here in the US in the United States, we would demand a A much bigger trial. Teo be confident of the vaccine was

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