Episode 53: mediUSA Reduction Kits with Christopher Miles


I'm so excited to introduce today's guest. Christopher Miles is the senior manager for clinical services at many USA he's trained as an occupational therapist and a certified in both limping Dima and wound-care. He has been working with patients to assist in managing chronic Dima for over eighteen years and currently his role as managing a team of clinical educators for many USA and also completing clinical education to direct hospital systems national and International Conferences Hi Christopher. Welcome to the PODCAST. Thank you so much, Betty I'm excited club join your pot cow. I am so excited to talk to you about the reduction kit. So many of my patients in the clinic won a single garment that can do it. All is the reduction kit, their answer. You know I wish that there was a magic pill for lengthy Dima. I've been working Olympia for a long time and I think everyone spent hunting for that I. Wish I could say the reduction kit will do everything I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa say that it can but it certainly can do lot. It's a phenomenal bandaged replacement system. So. Can you tell us how the product came to be and what inspired it? Absolutely. I would love to and it's always a great story share. So the reduction Kit is part of the circuit product line The cirque aid product line has been around for over fifty years in a way it was inspired. It was actually invented by a individual who was trying to find a solution to help his wife who suffered from chronic limping Dima. Anti came up with this idea when he was at the San Diego Zoo he noticed that drafts are very tall yet for some reason, they never have swelling in they're very skinny legs. In the reason they don't have swelling in their legs is because their skin is inelastic it won't stretch. It doesn't have the ability to give to excess pressure or fluid. So there's no swelling or. So we've that. Concept he wanted to create a garment that didn't stretch because up to that point all compression garments had been made out of elastic that we're very stretchy. So key. The first inelastic product actually a very crude on product that he designed was actually out of leather belts. But over time he designed and created the circuit blind, which is the combination of an inelastic product with inner juxtapose spans to allow patients to automatically adjust and apply their compression.

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