Blinkers Off 458: Woodbine Mile Preview and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


What is Cheese Alterman. This is blinkers off what's up my man it's up jared what's up everybody it's going to be back. Man is exciting. This is a big week coming up at Woodbine one of my favorite weekends of the year would by miles sneaky good race than those two year old races on Sunday. So a lot of Breeders Cup implications I know magic been busy right in previews and you'll be busy this weekend writing recaps. Kinda good to see those readers. Cup races really going y'all get going in full swing. So a lot to look forward to we kind of transition into the fall. Yup. I. Mean That's the thing. We right now we are I mean it's kind of weird because we are. Still in preakness season I guess but we also have very much and Breeders Cup season. We're Katie that last. You know last less than a month now of preps last perhaps October tent. So we would just go run through these. Really quick. These last couple of weeks and then the brewers cups here. It's unbelievable to even think that we're in Breeders Cup season already. But yeah, you have three Brewers Cup events this weekend at Woodbine or one on. Saturday. The woodbine mile and the to juvenile races turf races on Sunday which are like you said are always really fun to watch and produce some war of will by the way. was produced out of that row last year's June which of course is running the woodbine mile. So yeah, it does produce. It produced horses I. Guess that was was that last year been two years ago. Two years ago. So as a two year old so yeah, they went on to win the preakness. As another thing about these two year old races, you just never know whether they on the turf right now I don't know. We might see some of these horses enter the. Derby trail mix as we move. Of course into that seems like before long. Somehow. But yeah. So obviously big show you know we're kind of in that middle ground here right before the preakness so The Breeders Cup is nice to fill that void but you know, let's talk a little bit about some of the kind of preps and just in general with Kentucky downs that just ended. Set like I was like sixty million. In. Handle for the for the meet this year, which was definitely a record. Just, unbelievable. It seems like he just gets better and better every year. Of course, they had a couple of Breeders Cup races there. But more than that. A lot of these horses are obviously gearing up towards something towards the Breeders Cup. So I kind of thought it'd be a good opportunity to talk a little bit what you saw cook announcing things took. And also I think it you know you and I've talked a little bit about this affair. How important it is to kind of. Take what you see from Kentucky downs. Yeah. That's great. That was impressive but don't put too much stock into it as we move forward to. Cup really the reasons that Kentucky downs or fairly meaningless as far as moving forward because it's just such a weird track and there's some horses just love that track and some don't. Now that's not to say that the winners Kentucky Dowse just thrown out I'm just saying if you look at their pattern and you see the at Kentucky downs, they run better than anywhere else. It's probably just because the tracks don't don't go crazy about that but I do think we saw worse it might win Breeders Cup Race Atkins Chucky downs and I thought he was super impressive and the good thing about him as we've seen him win at all different kinds of tracks including Keelan where the breeders cups going to be. So for me, that's the one that's like, okay. He's got a shot to maybe go on Readers Cup race like he looked like a pretty nice Moore's. And then obviously seeing got stormy come back and win. I was really happy to see that. It was a powerful performance You know, I, think there were some people really questioning six and a half furlongs for this and that I thought she was awesome and then the Wesley. Worn out wrestling ward trained outer door I thought that was really powerful. Winning that race as well. So those were the three that if three stars of the meat, so to speak for me. But but yeah, in premise he's the one that I think could come out of it and maybe when readers can brace. couple. A couple of horses I want. To ask you about this, because they are big time horses and and one one one did not. What you do moving forward if anything got stormy obviously Came back finally, coming back to her form that we're used to seeing cutback distant sounds like they're going gonNA stick with that idea. How dangerous do you know? Do you think she is moving forward GONNA cutting back? I, you know she looked a much much better than she looked in her previous races so It's one of those things I I kinda. WanNa see another race Moore hopefully, we get that on a normal surface, normal track nor normal configuration. But she looked pretty awesome to me like that was a big takeaway like I thought she would win the race picked her to win the race after Kamari scratched and it's like, okay, I'm GonNa pick her but I'm not expecting big things that was never doubt. So I think he's gotTa take serious going forward. Yeah. I mean we know the backlash she has and I think the idea that she doesn't want mile like I think she's good. She showed that she's she can try at a mile but cutting back is really made her a different I feel like. The other the other big one I feel like is this horse is. Legit in the especially in the past. Zulu. Alpha. Horse got beat by ARC low in Kentucky Turf Cup you know. That is a good example of a horse. You don't take too much away from what you saw based on what because he just use clear he didn't really care for the track kind of had trouble grabbing the track a little bit but you know is that something that you're like, Hey, I, don't care like like that just gives me more value moving forward. I still think that horse is one of the best in the country I mean and the other thing about when that happened, it was just a downpour in to start the day look like Kentucky downs had mode that turf course in like two weeks in the rain it's like they're running through like wet weeds out the. All credited worse Zik that we're able to win on that surface I mean that takes I.

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