Afghan mothers' names to be included on children's ID cards


Afghanistan has issued a decree allowing women to be listed on the identity cards of their Children. NPR's DEA had eight reports. Until now, the documents on Ly contained the names of Father's. The new law is expected to make things easier for single Afghan mothers in particular, who struggle to do things like sign their kids up for school or get them emergency medical care. This is how the bar co director of the women's rights division at Human Rights Watch, So this law is actually a really important development, which is gonna have a lot of really world consequences. Boss says The new decree may also shift the common notion in Afghanistan that Children are their father's property, and it comes at an important time. The government and the Taliban are negotiating pace and feminist fear women's rights will be compromised to appease the insurgents. There's a sense that laws mandating women's equality have to be pushed through quickly. D a deed. NPR NEWS ISLAMABAD, Europe's largest

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