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Socks and Maura what? What playoff berth. The White Sox sort of playing it cool after clinching their first postseason appearance since 2008 and they know they've been playoff bound for weeks, swatting aside second place Minnesota for three. Makes it official wonder. You know, the bigger goal. You know he's just steps along the way. And it is now now it's on to the next. What else can we do so we got, um, just got a key rail around each other and keep 2020 means media can't get in on any baseball clubhouse celebrations. But the Sox see, lawyer Jimenez says any serious fun will wait till his guys can win other things beyond just getting a play off spot. Everybody's happy. And We just have 10 more games. LF and we just need to keep clearing our Jimenez said he and his teammates would have been disappointed if this season didn't at least end with a playoff spot at hand. The White Sox now have that Date current Ernie's radio 105.9 FM. Yeah, man has stroke to go ahead double yesterday and there are three games of division races. Socks steamroll into Cincinnati tonight, Face another pesky second place team, the NL Central's Cincinnati Cubs. Twins at Wrigley after Dark USOPEN Justin Thomas takes a one shot lead around to

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