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More on the playoff bound White Sox 6 16. Now the B M extended weather forecast sponsored by American eagle dot com. Here's a meteorologist Dean DeVore. All right, the second fall like Air Mass of this week. This one is even chilly, er overall, and it will last little bit longer here before we do warm back up, but it is going As fall arrives next week. Temperatures are going to warm again. Breezy, Cool Summerlee Clouds will give away the sunshine galore. This afternoon. Most sixties chili Tonight near 40 and some of the western suburbs closer to 50 of the lakefront. Cool, Sonny. Mid sixties Tomorrow Game Day Sunday, Sonny's guys when the Bears kickoff 65 degrees near 70 in the Part of the afternoon and then a delightful Monday mid seventies and then fall arrives gets near 80 on Tuesday. Right now, our temperature Juliet did. 53 58 0 Hare Midway 57 upper fifties at the lakefront. We're going back to 62. Thank you with a meteorologist in divorce, Chicago's weather station, new City of 75.9 FM. There's been other bears. You'll hear that ball game right here on your radio home for the Bears. Toby began You may be good news time. 6 17 when searching for three row x t six SUV Search Heritage Cadillac Now Sports. Here's Josh Levs. Yeah, Aiming for two and all the bears practice mid day for the Giants Sunday, New York dropped its opening for pit against Pittsburgh and a half hour from now we're gonna chat up Tom Fair are Super Bowl bearing game to analyst about Bears Giants at 6

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