Bogue's Who's not even a Celtics fan who is a defender


Cap. Even Bogue's Who's not even a Celtics fan who is a defender of A bright Stevens can't defend him anymore. And now the tide is turning where everybody in Boston's no longer assuming we're going to win the championship. Suddenly they're getting negative again. And so at the very least, temperament and the expectations air changing. Yeah, they'll feel like the rest of us right. They will feel like sports fans, and the rest was where everything stinks. Until you show me otherwise that not everybody was. There are good for an Adam Kaufman basically last night, said it's not the coaches for that. The players blow a 17 point. That's true. But he was negative on the Celtics hanging around banging on the team pretty good and coffins, the ultimate shiny happy people guy for Boston sports. I don't know if he's trying to be invited the bread Steven's house on Thanksgiving, but he is the last one left at that table. Brad Stevens after last night. Well last night, just from a Celtic standpoint is a crusher, and I think that it says a lot. Look, Marcus Smart's air, really emotional guy, so it's hard to keep him bottled up for long, no matter who the head coaches. But the fact that after that game you've got things being thrown in the locker room and Marcus smart, calling out his teammates and people yelling in one another. Doesn't feel to me like Brad Stevens has a great control over his locker room right now, how about you? It's hard to imagine if everybody's melting down now. I did look at this a little differently than than you then I did mention This has to be if you've made it this far along and you're one of the last four teams standing in either the NHL or MBA. Mentally we keep talking about the mental hurdle of being away from most of your family. Now some family is allowed to come in. Basically since the end of July were mid September. Now you're in this Orlando resort. I mean, how many times going to here? It's a small world play over the loud speakers. You have to be so freaking drained, and if you've made it this far You might as well go win the whole thing, right? So if you feel like you're giving it your old and we're on the same mental struggle and your team is melting down around you. That has to be some sort of braking point. I don't look at this like it's a Maurice thought Amara punching the fire extinguisher in Miami when he was with Nick's When the Knicks lost that serious to the heat. I almost excuse a complete locker room meltdown like Marcus Smart has because they under mental circumstances we have never ever ever seen in the end before. Well the season and the Siri's isn't over yet. We saw that down to Oh, did not mean that the Raptors went to the tank, the Raptor forced it to a game number seven. Certainly, in this instance the Celtics aren't completely done. If they fall down, 30, they're completely done. So what we're seeing is the heat have a gear at an element that the Denver Nuggets have as well that we no matter what the deficit is, no matter what it looks like the hurdle in front of us.

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