Thailand braces for large anti-government rally


Thailand is bracing for a large anti-government protests tomorrow. The Roddy. Shuttled to take place at university, which was the site of a student massacre decades ago and comes after weeks of demonstration's. The best attended was in the middle of August. When more than ten thousand people marched in Bangkok calling for Political Change, PA me-meeting learn how Students have no choice. We can only come out. We don't want to grow up and have kids ask us when the country was facing injustice for you doing. The protests started off largely as student movements. Different groups of young people around Johnson is the economist Southeast Asia correspondent. We've seen them spread actually in into high schools, and now they seem to be gaining traction among a large segment of the population. What can we expect from tomorrow's protests? We've got two different versions of what's going to happen tomorrow. The protesters' who are organizing the rallies. At Thomas, university anticipate fourteen thousand people coming the authorities are trying to poo poo that. And say you know perhaps it'll be half as many will show up even survey not taking any chances. There were also thousands of police who are being marshalled to keep the event in order, and we've just had actually the deputy minister who is extremely close ally of the prime minister is going to be running the operations into that sexually monitoring the rally. Marta who all these protesters and what's the back story how did they get started? There's been frustration building in Thailand for a number of years the current prime minister and many of his closest henchman seized power in a coup in two thousand fourteen and for while they promised that that would be elections but there wasn't actually one until last year and even when that election occurred the current time constitution ensure that. It wasn't really a level playing field for opposition parties who ran against pro-military potties and others who eventually came together in a coalition and one so that Prime Minister Pray Challenge Child at full McCoy leader could stay in power. So many ties were very annoyed that they had the liberties. Ko they waited many years for an election and then it wasn't savvy the first place and then on top of all that. A particularly, Popular Party led by a very charismatic young politician businessman who basic he got fed up with state of Thailand and decided to become involved in politics. The long. The short of it is that the Ponti Future forward was dissolved earlier this year in February, and that was when we first started to see some flashbulbs few street protests and anger starting to build about the current government. What the protesters want is, is it just the reinstatement of the party or something else I? Think the core protest is believed that this is all moved above. And beyond future forward, a lot of the platform and policies that future forward advocating for things that many of the press testers would like to advance in Thailand more freedoms. An end to harassing opposition activists to protest is also want to see parliament dissolved the crucially they know that dissolving parliament might not do much good until there is a new constitution of the protesters unified what they want. So. That is one particularly contentious issue in all of this, and that's the fact that some of the boldest protesters' have called for reform of the monarchy. The monarchy in Thailand is deeply revered. It's Tabu to to criticize the institution and indeed a less. Law provides up to fifteen years in prison for anyone to be in badly insulting the monarch the current monarch. King. Vajiralongkorn or Rama, the tents took over from his extremely popular father who died in two thousand sixteen and it's been a bumpy road since then as a result for the very first time pretesting and are openly criticizing some of the things that King Vigia along his dumb in particular, they are unhappy with the way in which he has poked crown assets in his own name and they are also unhappy about the fact that he has taken sutton important military units under his pulse no command and a lot of those stationed importantly right in Bangkok so how significant these protests the government. The fact that these protests have been growing since the middle of July slowly, but steadily ease programmatic and the longer they go on the bigger the headache this becomes the government, the students specific and not going away. They're not intimidated by the dozens of people who've been arrested for participating all leading, Maranda? What are the army and the government doing about this? So far it seems to have been a case of wait-and-see. We've seen a few dozen protesters arrested particularly the leadership, but we haven't seen any really tough crackdown and given Thailand's. Of cracking down on student protests, quite bloody manner, and in particular here I'm thinking of events in the nineteen seventies. One Fair on love People's minds is. What happens when the establishment runs short on patients with all of this, it's difficult to say precisely what will happen but the chances all dramatic intervention I think. NEVA'S ERA in Thailand Verandah. Thank you. Thanks so much.

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