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A magnitude 4.6 earthquake that struck Southern California. Last night. It hit around 11 40 PM, about two miles outside of South El Monte, near Los Angeles. The Trump Administration earmarking an additional $13 billion and assistance to help Puerto Rico rebuild infrastructure damage by a 2017 Hurricane President Trump announcing that FEMA will award grants designed to bolster Puerto Rico's electrical grid. And spur recovery of its education system, both of which were devastated by Hurricane Maria. Three years ago. We're awarding $13 billion to permanently repaired, replaced thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines that Should have been done many years ago. Puerto Rico's governor in a tweet thank the president for the funding, which she held as the largest approval in FEMA history. Island officials have previously complained that aid has been slow to roll in from the administration in Washington. John Decker Fox News the round of 16 in the NASCAR Cup series playoffs, wraps up tonight under the lights at Bristol Bristol Motor Speedway will host the largest crowd for a sporting event in the U. S. Since the pandemic began for tonight's bass pro shops night race with roughly 35. Advance expected for the final race in the round of 16 of the NASCAR Cup. Siri's playoffs. Cole Custer, William Byron met Benedetta when Ryan Blaney right now on the outside, looking in to advance to the round of 12, But Blaney has a warning. First fellow drivers this evening. I caution those in front of me. I'm not going to be behind very long faster than a win is an automatic bid to the next round for a playoff contender. Brad Keselowski, the pole sitter for the bass Pro Shops, Night race, Green Flag Waves and Thunder Valley at 7 30. PM Eastern Man. Napolitano. Fox News. Doctors of the University of Michigan have separated One year old conjoined twin sisters, Sarah Beth Ann Amillia, or one of Petersburg, Michigan. Each had their own arms and legs. Hearts.

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