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Pretty nice weather out there today a little bit on the cool side for sure definitely feels maybe more like mid October as opposed to mid September. But temperatures up in the low sixties this afternoon mostly clear sky for tonight, chilly down 48 closer to 48 a few suburbs tomorrow pretty much the same story, Sunshine. Cool breeze. I 62 then mostly sunny on Monday, we'll tack on a couple of degrees up to 65 of them Tuesday, Fall begins and it starts to turn warmer. Sun shines of clouds Up to 70. And then Wednesday and Thursday. We're back into the upper seventies right now in Central Park. We've got 63 with sunshine Immunity 25% with north at nine, repeating the current after 63 gone up to 64 in midtown. Macular meteorologist John Feerick on New York's weather Station. 10 10. Let's break out the tweet commoner

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