Californians Urged To Conserve Energy And Prepare For Outages During Record Heatwave


Stressing the state's power grid and California's California's independent independent system system operator operator says says rolling rolling blackouts blackouts are are once once again again a a possibility possibility if if energy energy demand demand exceeds exceeds supply. supply. While While most most of of those those outages outages last last Friday Friday only lasted a few hours. Several p Jeannie customers like Jeffrey would in the Santa Cruz Mountains have been in the dark for nearly 48 hours. I'm on Comcast. So I have no water. I have no power. I have no Internet. I have no phones. I have no cooling. So I'm really hostage by PJ and I just I'm so sick of it. We reached out to PG and E and spokesperson Jeff Smith says some isolated outages like in the Santa Cruz Mountains do take a little bit longer to repair he is thanking customers for their patients. And for cutting back on electricity usage. Today we encourage our customers are customers to conserve energy as much as possible in order to help alleviate the strain on the electric grid because of these extraordinarily high temperatures that we're seeing all throughout the region, he says. If everyone turned up their thermostat, even by one degree That would go a long way to take some of the demand off of the grid Reporting

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