The DNC and RNC are going virtual. What can we expect?

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So actually the coronavirus pandemic everything has gone virtual. We covered all digital conferences like Tho- launches, apples, WDC. In DNC are completely different animals Taco bell expecting to see well I. Think it's GonNa be a very, highly produced. Event just like it normally is but it's GonNa be really different because you know when they. When they usually do this, you've got like thousands of people in a huge arena you know you have people talking. And they're they're mostly talking to the to the people, the viewers and the audience. Sitting at home on their couches. Anyway. But you have that vibe you have that you know the people cheering it's it's like being in a live sporting event in a sense you know so like that's going to be lost a bit. Yeah. We've we've had instances with like the the NBA right they put up digital boards with with people that are virtually in I've watched the most games. It's definitely not. It doesn't really replicate the feeling of being at a game where the ambiance there I imagine a lot of the energy that would have been in those conferences have people been there. Is really kind of sucked away, right? Yeah and you know and that's really political conventions are basically like cheerleading events right? You know it's like the party faithful as there you've got these delegates from all around the country they're like really Gung Ho for their party and their candidate and they wanna like. You know just cheer their heads off and it's you know. So you know I think that energy is going to be a bit different but I'm also curious to see like what creative things they come up with right like like you mentioned the NBA thing like like are they going to do something like that? You know I mean? It'll be interesting to see how they approach it. Yeah. Have you got any kind of indication on on what they might do to create that excitement that is would be missing from having all those folks there. Yeah. So the the DNC they they have been, they've definitely said that they are going to try to involve people like regular everyday people. So I'm wondering if it is going to be something NBA like right where they have screens. Right there. But we'll definitely be having some like. Some people getting beamed in from all across the US whether it's you know. Politicians or or just SORTA your regular everyday folks who are like either live on video and a lot of like these pre produced videos people have been they've had this campaign where people are able to. Send in their videos like with prompts like I know Joe and talk about like why they're excited about Joe Biden and that kind of thing. So they're going to have that SORTA interspersed throughout the program. So it'll be interesting to see like how it all Kinda comes together. To DNC specifically, what what is that? GonNa look like will anyone actually be in Milwaukee? So there will probably be like a skeleton kind of crew in Milwaukee like I've heard that that Tom Perez, who's the chairman of the DNC was still planning to go to Milwaukee to gavel in the convention officially. But the big speakers you know like Joe Biden, who's the presumptive nominee he is not going to be there he's going to be somewhere in Delaware. Now, they've said he's not probably going to do it from his basement. So some place else in Delaware. In the Wilmington area where he lives. So that'll be interesting. I wonder how they they might dress up whatever venue he's in. You know like he was speaking with. Kamala Harris. You know the other day they've had actually a couple of speaking engagements and they've got the flags everywhere but like the backdrop didn't really look all that interesting to me. So it'll it'll I wonder how they're going to you know jazz it up so that it looks cool. How's the Brokaw can work? Yeah. So the roll call and by the way like I got to go to the convention in two, Thousand Sixteen, the roll call is pretty cool. Just in general when you're there in the room, there's like this vibe all the people stand up and they say, you know I'm from South Carolina and they were the whatever state and we pledge our ex delegates to. And so it's like an exciting moment. So it's going to be totally different this time 'cause they're all not going to be in the room but I you know they've said they're. GonNa. Kind of pop around all all the states and so you're probably going to have people from those states. Doing their call and I'm sure they're gonNA do something jazzy about like. You know I'm from Delaware. So it's like Delaware the first state in the nation. Allah. Probably say something like that I don't know. So it'll. We'll see. We'll see what about the NC I know there was a lot of back and forth about where was gonna be in whether it was go digital What is that GonNa was so that you know I think that's still to be determined right? Like they're still they haven't put out a whole lot of information about like what it's GonNa look like exactly. So I mean I want I wonder if some of this might change in the next week but. So far they are. Going to have a very reduced crowd in Charlotte. President trump will not be there to accept the nomination. In they're gonNa have like something like you know three hundred or so delegates there. So you know I don't know I don't know if they're going to try to do some things kind of like in in the arena although I think that would look pretty. bleak. If it's people, you know space really far apart. So I think that's still Kinda to be determined with what they're going to be doing it wear for folks who are watching these where can you check out the streams? So the DNC they've announced a whole bunch of places like you're gonna be able to stream, it live on youtube and facebook and twitter and And then the convention is officially you know airing from nine to eleven every night and all the broadcast channels will have it for the last hour. And and then they're gonNA have it on like TV and Roku and so they were going to be a lot of opportunities for people to stream it or. Even, to SORTA catch it on the networks got looking at some of the other challenges I mean we talked a little bit about the lack of energy. But what are the potential pitfalls who going virtual? Yeah. Well I mean we've all been watching. You know some of these cable news shows lately right like in sometimes you get like the guests who are like pixellated or their screen freezes. You know so I think that's going to be a challenge. You know you don't want somebody to be mid-sentence and all of a sudden they're face completely frees up. So that'll be a challenge. Yasser. Don't want it to look like a really boring call. With. With everybody with the bookcase in the background. So I think they'll have to figure out ways to to make it look interesting and you know. And not have any sort of technical glitches.

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