Ask Mark Q&A #2: My Favorite Non-Stick Pots And Pans, Improving Brain Function, Managing PMS, And More


Hey everybody! It's Dr Mark Hyman how Y'all doing today hope you're surviving or thriving as I, like to call it. A Kobe is not been the most fun for all of us, but It's an opportunity to sort of. Think about our lives differently I. Think it's sort of God's big time out for all of us sending humanity to our room to think about how do things better so I'm really excited to be here with you all today. We're doing a live QNA show that I'm doing for my community. We're calling it. Ask Mark and its where I take questions from my texts community. Invite those folks to join me live. Live answer questions, so we have about ten to twelve people that is going gonNA join us today to ask a question, and if you WANNA, ask a question the future you can just text me at four, one, three, two, two, five, eight, nine, nine, five. That's four, one, three, two, five, eight, nine, five, five with the Hashtag. Ask Mark and my team's going to pick your question hopefully for your future. With Mark Hyman. That's me last thing I can't give you any medical advice, but I'm GonNa give you a big picture of how I would deal with various health issues or health questions, and I'm super excited to be joining doing us today, because we all need to know more about how to keep healthy especially during Kobe and Kovic season, which is going to be unfortunately a long long while. All right. Our first guest is coming up right now and. That is. By technology magic. On my screen, and we will be right together and you get asked your questions. So why don't you introduce yourself and tell me what your question is? Dr Hyman very much for taking my question, my name is Sharon. Palo von. And I wanted to know what kind of nonstick pots and pans. For cooking I do a lot of cooking and I'm so. That leakage in everything you want to be careful with the obviously Teflon's pretty bad. There's a lot of PR phase and various cooking materials. you know I. I used to live in this. Little Cabin when I was in college. and. I had a I had. Found this old pan. Is Cast Iron Pan. And? That's like forty years ago now. And I still have this cast tighter ban. Still good data works amazing, and I find cast iron to be one of the best things to cook with, and you can get relatively inexpensive. Pan's lodge is a company that makes them. There's the sort of more fancy ones. Let crews as the and Straub I. Think of the names that are really good cast iron pants in these last literally a lifetime like I said I've had mine for forty years, so I love cast iron, and then also there's you know there's a little more expensive ones like the cruise. Like A. Dutch ovens and various pots but I find. If you buy really good cookware, it just lasts forever, so you buy once? And, that's it and you take care of it right I also also used ceramic. Ceramic as the other material, a really like the nonstick, and if you take care of your cast iron, it really is non stick. We'll if you season it. You basically have to treat a lot. Different can't live in water so the casting to oil it after you put on the stove, you turn the heat of a little bit. You let it cooked in. In Oil seeps in basically makes a nonstick surface, so it's. It's really pretty good. Ceramic ones are really great. I came across this new one I don't really have anything to do with the company, but I I love it. It's called our place. Oh, you are place, and it's the most amazing Pan I've ever had because it's. It's like a steamer astir fire. Like a a Saute Pan I mean it's really pretty amazing. Pan has got all these kind of contracts got his great lid, and so really it's it's easy to cook with at Super Easy to clean, and and it's great for making everything, so it's like my main pan now plus they cast iron use. Great thank you very much. I wasn't aware that the. Cast iron can actually been nonstick. I've had a very well. If you'll take care if you don't take care of it, right, it is so if you wash it with soap and water is going to remove. The Nice coding and that will actually lead to it rusting, which is really bad, so if you at once, you cook with it, you Kinda wipe out. Maybe watch a little bit so clean up quickly and Paloma. Oil Lemaire, and then turn the stove on the oil without anything in the PAN, and basically seasons the pan. You probably can google hotter season a cast iron pan in how to do it, and and it's really great, and I have a big walk that I use a giant big walk. It's cast iron highways by twenty pounds, but it just evenly heats everything. It's great for cooking I. Everything, so delicious great! Thank you very much course. We have Isabel. Coming on high is about how you doing. How are you Dr Hanan? Good. How's life? It's it's good. It's good quietly covered right now, but good overall. So my question is I am a health coach and I became a health coach, a initially to help myself with multiple complex conditions, but I've discovered. It is a big passion. In. On the way. In I WANNA, help people but I also suffered devastating financial consequences of being sick for a long time, and I WANNA to help people who are under served people who don't have access to the really expensive top of the line things. And? I WANNA balance that with you know making a living for myself. So what are your suggestions for me to be able to surf? People in a same time be able to you know served by Man's a great question. I think There's such a need and communities for health coaches at across the country and I think You know I found that you know you. You can't plug into health

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