Kygo Teams Up With One Of His Favorite Artists Ever


Kyko help the late Whitney Houston returned to billboard hot, one hundred posthumously something she did dozens of times while alive with his reimagining of Harare, one, thousand, nine hundred ninety cover of Steve, winwood higher love, and with his next project. He's bringing another song from the past back this time from the legendary Tina Turner. Version of Tina's only solo number one, the nineteen, eighty, six classic. What's love got to do with it? Which kyw go names as one of his all time favorite songs writing on social, it feels surreal to get the opportunity to work with such a legendary artists. Now it appears this version will be entirely new with Tina providing vocals, but we'll know for sure when Kyko Tina Turner. What's love got to do with? It arrives on Friday.

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