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Out out out of of of greed greed greed and and and deserve deserve deserve time time time behind behind behind bars, bars, bars, is is is scheduled scheduled scheduled to to to report report report to to to prison prison prison in in in about about about a a a month. month. month. Wednesday's Wednesday's Wednesday's time. time. time. 8 8 8 11 11 11 from from from Mavis Mavis Mavis Discount Discount Discount Tire Tire Tire Traffic Traffic Traffic Center here is Karen Stewart. Well, we've got to ring a big bell on this one. The bank want asses open. All lanes have been reopened at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. The debris spilled their since about 4 45 this morning has been taken care of. The H O V. Lane is open has been for a least a hour right now, And if you traveling the inbound go on us, It is still pretty nightmarish from directly off the Verrazano Bridge. Because of that earlier closure, The prospect Expressway delays our bumper to bumper back onto Ocean Parkway. Once you get past the Brooklyn battery, it remains a heavy trip to the Brooklyn Bridge and up into the Brooklyn Navy Yard. But at least you're moving through that stretch was found. B Q. E delays are still they're bumper to bumper from 58th Street. Down into Metropolitan Avenue. The westbound ally is jammed to Woodhaven Boulevard from back 164th and the eastbound Grand Central Parkway now has very heavy but short delays into the Kew Gardens interchange. The van Wyk both ways all tied up between Main Street and Rockaway Boulevard, North bound delays specifically into Atlantic Avenue, where there is road work on Long Island. The westbound side of the like E into aged 39 is still delayed. But that is the only Nassau County issue that we're dealing with. Right now. 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Don't Don't Don't wait wait wait long. long. long. These These These offers offers offers won't won't won't wait wait wait on on on Karen Karen Karen Stewart Stewart Stewart on on on 10 10 wins. Announce that sense and wine sack you other four day forecast. The heatwave edition with meteorologist in DeVore had fourth day in a row. We expect to go above 90 in the city Temperatures are up, but the humidity levels aren't as up as they were yesterday. So A test. We got that going for us, but really feels will still get up in the mid upper nineties this afternoon, so make sure you're hydrated. Now. Tonight we'll see the humidity or feel the humanity back up. Thunderstorm chances go up towards the daybreak hours of tomorrow morning. As we end up in the upper sixties low seventies tomorrow and Thursday, both days will flirt with the 90 degree mark on the thermometer. Real fields loaded nineties thunderstorm chances in the afternoon tomorrow and especially Thursday, when they could be severe. And then not. It's warm mid 80 sticky on Friday and then less human staying in the mid upper eighties for the weekend itself right now 80 degrees on away toe high of 92. Thank you. Weather meteorologist in DeVore on New York's Weather Station, 10 10 wins on a good Tuesday Tuesday morning, morning, GLI GLI Harris Harris here here with with a a word word from from bath bath fitter. fitter. My My wife wife and and I I have have been been talking talking about about getting getting our our bath bath redone redone for for about about no no was was about about 10 10 years years and and in in all, all, but but we we couldn't couldn't figure figure out out how how to to do do it it without without moving out until we found Bath fitter. We call for a free consultation. And with more than 35 years in business and more than two million installations, we were convinced we could trust the experts of bath better. 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