Chargers doctor punctured QB Tyrod Taylor's lung with pain-killing injection


The Los Angeles Chargers now their team doctor. Accidentally want a puncturing quarterback Tyrod Taylor is lung. You guys see what I just said? The team doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor is long just before kickoff On Sunday. They're trying to administer a pain killing injection to his cracked ribs. That's according to Anthony Lynn, and we're going to hear from him in a second, but that's why he didn't start Sunday. And Justin Herbert came out there Look great, Really. He almost beat Mahomes and the Chiefs. But anyway, let's go to Anthony Lynn right now hear his comments about a team doctor, inflicting the damage on some quarterback. I'm not angry at all That happens, You know, Like I said, I can't go into details about it, but it was a complication with shot and you know no one's perfect. Don't think anyone in this zone is perfect, so it happens. But the doctor was a good man It'sjust unfortunate for that's Anthony Lynn there so now that I like Anthony lent by the way, just for the record that's for for over nine hours have been a little tough deal, though. Guys, it's a tough deal, and it puts him in a really tough situation like he's got a Defend kind of all parties involved, and through it all, he's not a boy. He's a better man than me. I'd be very upset. By the way. Justin Herbert will start again Sunday against Carolina

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