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To side with the amicus and occupy City Hall. A pox on him. And some citizens. Let's face it. I've been with enough in them and the demonstrations to know they just don't understand. Especially this new generation of Jennifer Grodd, the hip, sedition millennials. They just have no idea. You know, they believe like Shell A. McRae, the real mayor of the city of New York, the mayor's wife. They don't want to be great. Wouldn't be nirvana. If there were no cops, okay? But we got we got to cover their back. Look, there are some bad apples. Just like there are in any business. And you can't have a blue wall of silence for them. We gotta let the cops know in their time of need. We're behind them. The men and women who service each and every day 77, WNBC and Ramsey Monster backs the blue to police offices everywhere. And want to send out a heartfelt thanks because we here at WNBC care, So you see, I'm going to continue to advocate that as I do in the street spot. Doesn't

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