The True Money Show-The Silver Guru Edition - burst 4


The prepared mind if you're mentally and spiritually fit and you realize what it's happening and you might have known exactly no one does but you're mentally prepared that we're not always going to be able buy bananas with a growing in this country. Everyone takes for granted. It can buy bananas Dirt Cheap anywhere on the anywhere in the state, right? And that's true. But will it always be true and the idea that sound money as much as I'm an advocate for it doesn't mean you necessarily going to get everything you want because we've always are off speak for myself. Sorry. We're I'm of the belief or was of the belief. They've had enough money to do anything right off. You'd go on vacation you buy a house. You can you know, leave your job with your boss, you know, all this stuff so money represented freedom to me Financial Freedom and freedom. That's a longer true. That's correct cuz you could have all the money down on Earth and if there's no beef available and you want to stake so bad, you'll give up to ounces of gold for a steak dinner, but it doesn't exist. Then you're not going to be able to buy it. I just want to be very clear that I'm pretty I had screwed on pretty well for the money question, which I've been looking at since I was eleven year old kid write but there's a lot more behind the money question is that we have really touched on over and over again today and thanks for reading the report. I've never had anyone do that before and it looks pretty good for Piper's know. They've always been something consistent got admitted that way. It's kind of nice too. Bad it back and forth. I do put my heart in the head of these things. I really do. Well David I I'm going to well you are willing to come back on. Can I can chat to you more than once a year here b e Is yeah I have there were there. Let me think one two, three four. I think there were four or five more highlighted and read underlined sections that I didn't ask you because I said I gotta get the something on the Silverado Thursday kill me. And then I told you guys there are company updates in this report. There are there's an asset allocation thing. There's oh my goodness. I mean it goes on. I think it's twenty-something Thirty pages. I don't know there's advertises for his book and I'm not saying just go buy his book what I mean is you can if you get the report it's very easy to buy the book If you get interested in it, David Morgan has done yeoman's work on this report and looks like he by the way monthly after you do I that much work every month. It's not just me. I do have a staff and it's not very big and very blessed. God has been very good to me that people who surrounded me with and you know a pretty big believer that you reflect out and draw back which get I'm not a new age or like, you know, whatever that is the secret or whatever but I do believe that if you do right by others usually attract people that are Sim I've certainly been blessed that way and I'm very grateful for it. Now what you definitely I think you exude that and there's one of things I got in and talking to you and I appreciate you come on show is wrong you just trying to be honest and fair and straightforward somebody and like you say when do that, I think the people will go. Wow. This is a guy I want to talk to at least a good-hearted person. We we believe in men of Goodwill humans a Goodwill. If you're one of those people want you involved in our fight if you have bad. Well we were kind of want you around because you're going to nag us to death. So so we deal with this trait of that way to David. I'm going to have you back on the show. I appreciate you coming on and I hope I didn't take up too much of your time. But you listen to the David Morgan on the true money show. You can find him at the Morgan report, I'm going to have him back. Maybe we can flop him in Franklin back and forth and then we'll walk will become fast friends to the to the interview process to David and then maybe one day while she meet face-to-face with an idea.

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