Trump Tells UN to Hold China Accountable for Coronavirus


The. Chinese government and the World Health Organization which is virtually controlled by China falsely declared that there was no evidence of human to human transmission. Later. They falsely said people without symptoms would not spread the disease the United Nations, but it's hold China accountable for their actions. Following, shortly after trump in in the program was President Xi Jinping who both the UN and Davos has long extolled the virtues of globalization and he said that is to blame. covid nineteen reminds us that we're living in an interconnected global village whether Coleman stake. All countries are closely connected on we share a common future. No country game from others, difficulties, or maintain stability by taking advantage of others trumpeters. Do. Countries also went toe to toe to the extent that you can and prerecorded barbs on climate president she extolled China's leadership position in the Paris. Agreement after the US had withdrawn president trump said even without being in that agreement, it has the best carbon emissions record of any of the countries in that agreement. But Melissa, notably missing which we always get at the U.. Are the cuts shots of the audience members. So you understand a little bit more about how speeches are being received because we didn't get that this year. It's hard to know exactly how some of those remarks landed. But certainly, as I mentioned before, no punches were held

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