AP Source: Chargers' team doctor punctured Taylor's lung


Adam, Schefter just reported that tyrod Taylor. The reason why he did not get to play this past week in an intern air bear started for the first time against Kansas City chiefs at ended with hitting a fifty eight yard field goals and another fifty eight yard field goal. But a highly contested matchup between the chargers the chiefs it is now being reported that the chargers team doctor accidentally punctured his own quarterback tyrod Taylor's lung just before kick-off. Sunday while trying to administer a painkilling injection to the quarterbacks cracked ribs league and team sources have told ESPN. According to my sources. Adam Schefter says, now, this sounds terrible whenever you give your I read this and like especially the way she afterward it there the chargers team doctor punctured his own quarterbacks lungs, and that sounds absolutely bad and I was kind of mind blown by this believe it or not. We are given a heads up on this yesterday but we're not a big news breaking world I don't want to dive into the news breaking world because there's a bunch of Peron in sharks in. Going ever dive in there. So I asked around to a couple former teammates in friends of mine that have maybe gotten the same procedure how the hell can something like this happens this sounds terrible in the answer I got from everybody who has had this procedure done, which by the way is marketing, which is in the Novacaine. There's another Cain the mark which is. A numbing agent basically that gets shot directly into the area that is injured for instance, in this particular case, the cracked ribs. Now, the reason why it's done. So close to game time is because it only lasts four four and a half hours so they can't get it done in the morning because the numbness wear off, they can't get it done the night before because. Off they have to do it right before the game, which is why it was surprised to everybody that air bear was starting over tyrod Taylor, including Air Bear, and I would assume the entire chargers offense. Now, what happens though just like whenever you're in surgery now granted this happened to the people I talked to harm percents short happened to tyrod Taylor but just like whenever you go in for surgery for anything, they tell you the possible side effects this could. Potentially happen because surgery this could potentially happen. It's like basically this small print at the bottom of contracts like, Hey, this is all the good looking come from this but also this can happen every person that I talked to got a similar treatment as this said that they were told by the doctor that there was a chance that along could get punctured in the process because when you're giving a shot into the ribs, the long obviously is right there one. A. Hundred percent sure of tyrod Taylor. Was told that before we got the shock. I'm just telling you what I was told by people who got very the exact same situation here free. The bruised ribs are cracked ribs allegedly this is a much more common practice than even I knew about I've probably seen guys potentially get this shop before and didn't even know this was happening because I had nothing to do with me but I guess this is a pretty Common practice whenever you have a crab or bruise rib because it works like a charm I was told and I was also told that they shoot it a little bit above wherever the crack or the bruises in. Let's just settling in for four and a half five hours. You feel amazing. It's that next day you see more that night when it wears off that you feel absolutely terrible thus why I am incredibly happy that I played a position where no motherfuckers. where I could potentially need that. So that is what happened. We obviously tease piece for the punctured lung and the cracked ribs for tyrod. Taylor but from my knowledge of my research calling people that got a similar thing, they said that they were told that was a possible outcome. It's like point one percent that it could happen. But in surgery just like anything in the medical field, there is obviously a chance at something bad to happen it happened tyrod Taylor. I'm not giving an excuse for the doctor do your fucking job right? Especially whenever the people that told me, they said it's like a ninety nine. percent chance it goes well and nothing happens. So if you get that one percent and it's a failure, obviously the doctor did not do here and I would assume would have to answer for that. But that is what I've been told about this entire process. That is why it was such a shock to everybody including air bear who said he was surprised in ancient said, let's go and do this. So I think that is why everything happened the way it is I've been told I'm not a doctor they are not doctors but a punctured lung on punctures itself somehow I don't know that means I guess. Shout out to the human body for puncturing itself. He could play week to week is really could potentially play next week. What do you say day breaking news just from in report he's not GonNa play this week harbored is going to start. Okay. So here we go. There's big news not playing this week. So as long isn't completely on punctured and also. I think that is why because the way one down in him losing the starting job was actually the chargers fault that is why Anthony Lynn came out and said unless. tyrod is he's still are started because I would assume Anthony Len former player was like we gotta fuck this guy here. So whenever he was asked about who's the starter even after incredible debut by Air Bear in the game that they had against the Super Bowl Champs Anthony Lynn probably was. I mean, we couldn't say it obviously because worn one hundred percent. Sure because at the time they're probably still reviewing and Anthony Lane. Prada. Didn't get a chance to do a full checkup on house whatever the case maybe didn't and he didn't want to be like. tyrod Taylor's by the way. We're the reason he's out and he is we made this disease like they. Couldn't say that. So that's why I think I was confused by the way insulin handled the question I think a lot of people are potentially confused but now we know air bear starting this weekend tyrod Taylor not only has cracked ribs but also punctured lung hopefully that unpunctual quickly we're not doctors they have no idea but it is nice to know that this type of thing does happen has happened in the past we probably. Haven't heard about it for whatever reason, and this is something that happens on a regular basis with success. So it's not like they were going above and beyond to make him put him on the field. This is something that has happened in the past

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