Yesterday's Short Trades Is Todays Profits


Not only was it a good day because the fishing solder things, but it was a good day because there was monet. was money yeah money to be. Made. But you guys went was actually Did. The podcast so I can remember but anyway. Eight of. Those tried to set up Zeke Took it profit year beauty. All side I took tease. US Prophet you beauty. So yeah, it was It was really good dice him some good profits in this came about that I will to snaffle and take advantage of. So really buddy die I'm still by shortened by them by Toggle targets obtain hidden one has had a stop loss move to lock in profit, and this is the thing is. As the markets. Shine a little bit more weight nece at the moment. It doesn't mean that we still do. Well that's I really frustrates me when people don't understand is that you don't need to have a mock it moving Haya to do well. Gina you don't need to have. The market go up and up and up and up out you to make money I it's it's about getting in to a market. And understanding that market. Knowing what you looking at more importantly knowing what you'll looking full now as I, look at Bitcoin rotten now I'm looking at a market that saves I wanna go at the moment we we've got another low high and low allow you to go with it. So we we've got a four hour downtrend the Idaho downturns now they're the daily looked at daily could still pop up at any minute, but there's definitely selling pressure I mean we've gone from eleven thousand, one, hundred to. Ten, thousand? Two hundred. How to die hard on I. Don't know it's nothing to be sniffed out. So, you know it's important for us to keep that in mind and. If you not. To tried. That's just an excuse me making. I'll be honest. You can try you. You made a choice not to. and that's why you don't have to. But you've made a choice not to whilst amok foles you feel pine. You can feel a very different emotion and it can be a pleasurable one. Anyway bitcoin rotten out stand point three, percent yesterday closed down point seven, nine percent. Now, we still we about ten. It's GonNa be interesting to see what happens. Are we GONNA push down through ten not concerned we unless we break down through the all lows of nine, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, one because it just Chinese the whole picture then back into a bit of a downtrend on a daily and the weekly also will add to that picture of that trending down I'm not really want to say that you know what I really WanNa see that. Ten Thousand Children Seventy three dollars rotten. Theory three, hundred, twenty, three dollars and ninety eight cents. It's down. It's up one her sent to diet was down seven, six, point, nine, percent yesterday knauss looking down to a matter of fact A. Quicker is one out. ooh. Man. For come back to that off the ways in a downtrend on that four momentum is definitely shifting bearish. And it's yes three twenty four much motorcyles exa pay right now break that support at twenty, two, point nine and twenty, three, seven mock that I spoke. She goes today. Look I'd love to say it pull back up into that low pull up into that region giving a little bearish candle off of that twenty sent market just be cracking set up but it's not to be further to go is point seven at twenty two point two cents Bitcoin cash twenty. Twenty are two hundred, nineteen dollars eighty, which was an old level of Resistance Asari support became resistance fell from their hod as a matter of fact, yesterday bitcoin cash was down five point five percent prog looking jot will to forty five right

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