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Trump, Inc.


Of it for granted. This summer trump's campaign took his talking points about widespread voter fraud to a new venue court. On June twenty-ninth the campaign filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania to prevent election officials from setting up secure drop boxes. We're voters can return mail ballots directly. The lawsuit calls the shift to mail in voting the single greatest threat to free and fair. Elections. Since. June trump's campaign has gotten involved in at least a dozen voting lawsuits across the country. Seeking restrictions on mail in voting. In Arizona and Ohio plaintiffs have challenged barriers to vote by mail. For more time to correct their mail in ballots, if they forget to sign the envelope or for more secure dropbox locations. The trump campaign went to court to get involved in these cases to defend restrictive voting laws. In legal papers, trump's lawyers argued, they wanted to ensure quote fair and orderly elections conducted in accordance with established rules. In other states, the trump campaign is challenging emergency election plans in lawsuits filed in Montana and new. Jersey. The campaign claims that plans to mail ballots directly to registered voters guarantee illegal voting. That fraudulent invalid ballots dilute the legitimate votes of honest citizens. It is disappointing that a presidential campaign has come on the side in a clear and unmistakable way of putting barriers in front of the ballot box meeting Peres is director of the Voting Rights Elections Program for the Brennan Center for Justice at the Nyu School of law. Documents show that trump's reelection campaign has spent over seventeen million dollars legal expenses so far more than any past presidential campaign. We don't know exactly how much of that has gone to the voting lawsuits but we do know that since June, the campaign has paid over a million dollars to firms working on those cases. Including one hundred, fifteen thousand dollars to a firm run by former White House ethics. Lawyer Stefan, passing Tino, it's his firm working on the Pennsylvania lawsuit. Joe Biden's campaign has spent one point, eight million dollars, legal services. The campaign is not a party in any of the lawsuits about restricting mail voting. Peres says the trump campaign is having a hard time making its voter fraud arguments stick in court. Well, they're not having much traction in the courts because it's Poppycock it's rubbish like they're not producing evidence that demonstrates that these concerns are well-founded at all. For example, in Arizona. The campaign joined a lawsuit in which the Arizona Democratic Party wanted voters to have more time to correct their mail in ballots. If they forgot to sign them, the campaign wanted to maintain a tighter deadline. In that case a judge ruled that state election officials have to give voters more time. There's no evidence. The judge said that tighter deadlines prevent fraud, the trump campaign and other defendants appealed. Another example in Pennsylvania, a federal judge ordered the trump campaign to provide evidence to back up its claims about the dangers of voter fraud quote and if they have none state as much. That's the case where the campaign called the shift to mail in voting the single greatest threat to free and fair elections. The campaign submitted five, hundred, twenty, four page document which according to the news site. The intercept did not include any examples of mail in vote fraud. The federal judge put that case on pause until a similar case was decided in State Court. In that case Pennsylvania's State Supreme Court issued a ruling in favour of several provisions that make voting by mail easier writing that claims of heightened alert fraud involving mail in voting are unsubstantiated.

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