Vic Martinez on what he learned as a leader at Disney


Names Vic Martinez and you're listening to the hacking you leadership podcast guests series the most impactful leader mentor my life would have to be Mike Myers. A reported up to him in some way during my career Walt Disneyworld and he was always a shining example of what a true leader should be by just watching him and spending time with him. I learned that people should be taken care of instead of managed he taught me how to build effective teams and how to leverage people, skills and passions to get the best work out of them and best of all, he taught me how to own my mistakes and keep moving forward instead of dwelling on them. The first mistake meat is a leader of people might have been dermot first year as a Disney leader at. Disney. Most customers want to grow with the company and I assume that this personnel at down did as well long story short. I was trying to help them get out of their shell grow and apply to be a trainer. What I didn't do is get to know them better I or I. Would have learned that they didn't really want to be a trainer or teach people. They were perfectly happy as Kenny art is making caramel apples all day and anyone more responsibility in. Now focus on building relationships and really getting to know the person and more importantly their needs before I offer up any advice or offer help and career development. The difference between a good leader and a great leader simple. They care and they backup that care what action. I've been fortunate enough to be raised by amazing leaders I mean I was sixteen when I started with Disney our leaders were basically like my parents teaching me right and wrong every day. But my absolute favorite leaders were the ones who cared had empathy had natural emotional intelligence. One of my most favorite moments was when my dad came to visit me when I was an early cashier at Disney. He worked nights and weekends saw only got to see him a few hours a week and my leader remembered me sharing that with him months ago and confidence in he instead of telling me to go back to work, he said Hey Vick don't you go over data tour of the operation take thirty forty, five minutes. I thought I was going to get in trouble for for him being there, and and this leader decided to put me I in the operation second for about thirty, forty, five minutes. But that thirty forty five minutes was so impactful that I would work late or come in on my day off and and give him my best work. No matter what after that because of so indebted to. His kindness I don't have direct reports in my current role at NPR but I realize you don't need them to be a leader, a measure success as leader of people in developer talent by looking at attrition. If our client is leaving us then didn't see the value won't we offer, and that issue could be as simple as that were they think we're too expensive and when I hear that. I hear that they don't think we deserve to be paid that much for what they're cutting. So something's wrong. So work with many people to ensure that the client is taking care of sees the value of their purchase and continues to do business with us. Being in sales is really starts with me and it's up to me this at the right expectations and give my team the tools. They need to successfully onboard the client and when things go wrong on Yo on blame I just seek to understand entitles failures with a teachable moment and maybe add another bullet points at a checklist. Then I follow up to ensure it doesn't happen again and when it doesn't, I make sure to thank them I think this is a healthier way to work with others to accomplish the same goal.

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