Zeit Wine Vinegar 9/23: Breonna Taylor, Rittenhouse, Palmetto Cheese, Rolling Stone - burst 2


How could you ignore half of these red? Being Rolling Stone there are no rap albums in the top ten. But yeah. I guess the Educational Lauren, Hill is a a rap album. That at number ten the. Rap albums that make the top fifty like they have good album on there. They've got I, think the other than the miseducation of Lauryn Hill public enemy's It takes a nation of millions to hold us back and Kanye West's my beautiful dark twisted fantasy, which I know is your favorite album of all time. Is are the top rap albums Kendrick Lamar's to pimp a butterfly is nineteen. that. Should be higher. Yes. I mean the the top. It's interesting to see kind of like Deangelis till I was talking about how much I love Deangelis food that's number twenty, eight that that's a top ten album for me. But this is where like you know you fucking like I was telling you on like I don't like pet sounds as much as Voodoo. So reduce, you'd replace it but also like I was telling you I, love the making of pet sounds like any stories are documentaries about I'm like this is the fucking sickest album or like I love how they just sorta like through the playbook away and try to do something different. So yeah. It's hard with these lists star wars film like fucking Piss off a ton of people whatever whatever. So at the end of the day, just make your own lists. Those are the ones that fucking matter enter the Wu Tang thirty six years is in the top thirty. Right next, to, de Ngelo. Lemonade is probably the most reasonable that. Cracked the top fifty. Yeah. Sure. The I mean they. were. What are your on the on the rap albums that made it what's missing? What's not high enough I would say, I'll maddox not high enough backside high enough. I'm not the big the a good album but what's not my favorite Jay? Album. So I'm like okay. The. Chronic I feel like you know and this could be my west coast slander. But I feel like ill matic should be above the chronic. Not to say that it's a better album, but it's my own personal taste like I just I. I love that era of New York hip hop and hers fill equipment I should be above all of them and that's my personal I mean look when it got five mics in the source the moment. This equipment, I, who tim and I of Clement and I. WE check this out. But yeah. We'll see you know what what other people feel I think. I'm trying to think of some shit that like a real honesty like but these are all like old. I'm just old hip hop heads so. I don't know like am I how come most deaths black on both sides isn't on here and. Shit like that Jay Bilas donuts should be in the top fifty. So we'll never be happy. We'll never be happy super producer on a hose niyaz response to this conversation when we're having it before we hit record was to go put a piece of chocolate in my mouth just to survive this conversation. Yeah. So apologies to anybody

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