White House news conference this afternoon announcing


White House news conference this afternoon announcing Johnson and Johnson is now the fourth U. S company with the vaccine candidate in the final stage of clinical trials. We encouraged Americans to enroll in the vaccine trials. It's not only interesting it'll be A terrific thing for our country. We encourage everybody to enroll as many people is way can president also noting $200 Million of Cares? Act funding will goto all states to prepare for distribution of the vaccine to high risk residents? Houston, Please found the body of a 30 year old Hispanic man who reportedly jumped or fell into Bray's bayou near East Navigation while fishing during heavy rains on Tuesday night. When is to say the man went underwater and never re surfaced? Crews found the body. Hours later, Montgomery County spending $700,000 from the cares act to install fixed thermal cameras at the county courthouse and jail. Michener's approved the measure this week to check the temperatures of those entering the buildings in order to prevent the spread of Corona virus wanted a college football team with enough healthy players to play the University of Houston. For the third time you H has been forced to cancel its season opening game today. North Texas backed out of Saturday's game of the Kukes do tow covert 19 issues on the team. Last

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