The leading candidate to succeed Bill deBlasio is New York City mayor is


Candidate to succeed Bill deBlasio is New York City mayor is not going to run Council Speaker Corey Johnson explained in a statement that a mayoral race is not the right path for him at this time. Considered a strong candidate in the Democratic field. Johnson also reveal that in the past few months he's been dealing with depression. He said he wanted to be open and honest about his struggles, as he has in the past with sobriety and his HIV status. He says he is coping with it getting help, and he plans to continue in his role as council speaker. The announcement certainly changes the political landscape for the next mayoral race, but it's too soon to say how the soul shakes out. Juliet Papa 10 10 wins news. People took to the streets across America last night after a grand jury in Kentucky failed to indict police officers for the killing of Briana Taylor in her own home as they executed a no knock warrant. New York Protesters demanded action. If you do nothing,

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