Interview with George Varanakis of The Portrait Masters


Welcome back to another episode I am your host Frederick Ben Johnson today. Once again on the hot seat, I have my good friend. Mr George Very. You may have heard his name in the industry. He's he's got or had fingers in all corners of the photography industry that didn't come out right but. Just. Men involved with everything photography. If you don't know his name, you probably have been to an event that he's been. Behind. Trains on. All that stuff. So George here talk about. What are we talking about the Porch Masters Live? This is your last greatest you like you just like attempting really hard projects and. Hitting home runs apparently. So this one was obviously. Cova head and we had our original conference which was going to be in Phoenix Arizona September ninth through the twelfth we had to make a big decision and it was okay. Do we just not do anything this year or do we try to do our virtual conference if you will I don't really love the virtual name I was like call it digital conference that's just me but yeah. We made that decision and moved back our dates a little bit. So we are September first of the twenty third three days we've got so much content some amazing content. We're doing things a little bit differently than I think what a lot of lot of the. Virtual trade show conferences. You'll see out there in the photo industry or just overall We went out this a little bit differently in that we prerecorded everything and not like prerecord Webcam or zoom kinda thing we prerecorded like shootouts and we had people at our studio We had people at Peter Hurley Studio in New York shooting, and so we've got these amazing shootout through Canon Sony and pro photo. We've got keynote speakers like a tab of the coffee from her famous Bravo show. She is one of our keynotes and she's just incredible Her brother show was Tabitha takes over. We've got mark seller. WHO's one of the most amazing photographers on the planet. You he's done countless numbers of covers for Cube, fair the role I think he's got he's done over one hundred rolling stone cover so I'm really excited of our lineup and we're GONNA do this in a really fun way. It's GonNa be really fun over the three days that we're doing this. We've got kind of a trade show section. We've got a content section. We're GONNA be giving away a ton of stuff and that sue it Nikki closer will be live here in the studio Kinda just introducing a all the classes sue out was just decided a couple of minutes ago. WHO's GonNa do for closing keynote keynote live so we're so most of it is prerecorded, we will have live host, but the content that's come out of this is off the charts I'm really excited. In you when you say you're talking about sue brice. Right, yes? Yes right. These Subaru you should put it in front of her name. Yeah. you WANNA have you set the stage on just a portrait masters for the folks that may not have heard about the conference? What what so Thank you for inviting me to the last one I was I was there in Arizona. Last. Yeah. It was. It was that's the word. It was a blast. Folks that may not have heard of the conference described what what this sort of you know the the soul of the conference is intended to be win it's real versus now when. Virtual or digital doesn't it seem like that was ten years ago. Does right. It's I feel twenty years older I, know. Like as my hair. So the Portrait Masters Conference, it's really a boutique conference in that we have only we cap it at five hundred people We have only nine speakers, one stage, one room. There's no breakout classes we really tried to simplify it and we wanted to give people inexperienced that they never forget. So we added so many different things to this conference that you won't see at other places. For example, we put shooting days in the. Trade show. So some of which are sponsored can have a couple of shooting base Pro Photo will have a couple of shooting bays and basically, and we do a bunch of our own. So basically, it's a model backdrop lighting and you just go and shoot and people went absolutely crazy fort when we when we launched it at it, really we kind of created like a Disneyland photographers almost where you could go in. You could talk to the vendors you could shoot, you could touch. You could feel kind of the things that we love about trade shows. Right you have that opportunity to to touch feel products but also like you could read a camera camera body from any of the vendors, the camera houses and Kinda go around the show and and shoot the networking part of it, which this is one that suit came up with but a red ribbon for someone that hadn't been there to our conference. Before if you're wearing a red ribbon, it was to show everybody else. Hey, come say hi and their brand new they don't know anybody and it was. Just, it ended up being such an incredible experience for people because you go to a trade show, you thought the Portrait Masters amazing show that you wanted to go to it's it's an expensive ticket it's eighteen hundred dollars, but it includes all your your meals, and some other things that we we do. But for the Red Ribbon, it's just amazing 'cause I've I saw a dozen times people just may be sitting by themselves or walking by themselves and other attendants would go and say, hey, how are you come sit with me and and it was just that networking part that that really kind of came out of it, which is really cool.

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