Sean, Good morning. Welcome back to the Murph in Max Show and Wow.


So much to talk about like it seems to be coming together in in one of those ways that teams come together like, For example, last night, you could take any number of guys and talk about their story Kinda and let's start with Du Bon, for example. Just kind of reading up on with the beat writers wrote last night and everything and It was a guy who, you know, we didn't know when they traded for. We thought he was a middle infielder. And then they said, maybe we can try him in center field, And then he wasn't hitting and there was like, kind of what's going on with you. Bon and They kind of just went with him out in center field in and Sean, you know, you've seen him. Really kind of take hold. Now. I'm not looking for three run Jimmy Jack's every time he's up, but, man, what a moment for that kid last night plus defensively. I think he kind of he's

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