Arizona governor signs proclamation recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day


This is national native news. I'm Antonio Gonzales Arizona Governor Doug ducey announced Tuesday. He signed a proclamation to recognize October Twelfth Twenty Twenty as indigenous Peoples Day on the Federal Columbus Holiday Emma Gibson. With Arizona public media has more the proclamation came after state Senator James Sita Pash Loci, and a youth led advocacy group Indigenous Peoples Initiative called for the change. Dylan Baca the group's president who is White Mountain Apache and Navajo says indigenous. Peoples Day acknowledges accurate account of Christopher Columbus's violent legacy. This holiday is significant for me because it works to try to eliminate the stereotypes in stigmatisms associated with indigenous peoples and Tribes Paschall K. called on Governor Ducey in. June. During President Donald. Trump's visit to Phoenix to establish the state holiday using his executive powers. She now says she will introduce a bill to permanently changed the holiday in the twenty twenty one legislative session. For National Native News I'm Gibson the Navajo nation is returning to fifty seven weekend lockdowns. Stay at home orders due to a rise in positive covid nineteen cases on and near the reservation. Tuesday's announcement comes a day after top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci praised the tribe for lowering numbers crediting the tribe strict covid nineteen measures which were enforced for. Months some of the orders including the fifty seven hour curfew were eased. But during virtual town Tuesday Navajo nation. President Jonathan Nez had a stern message for residents to stay vigilant Nez, a cluster of forty or more positive cases traced back to travel and spreading the virus during social gatherings which are restricted on Navajo land, and so we're going to have to. Slow everything down we're GONNA have to stay at home orders because we don't know how far. This has gone out in. Contact, with other people, the new cases were reported in Arizona and new. Mexico the tribes also asking residents to avoid areas in Utah, considered hot spots for the virus. NATO advocates encouraged young people to engage in the voting process on national voter registration day. Barb Hartselle works with the LAS, Vegas Indian Center on the native vote she talked about investing in native youth by using traditional teachings and connecting them with issues native youth face today, really taking like arc additional routes in how we carry ourselves in is important to us and being able to invest in our youth in meeting them where they're at and letting really understand though it seems so big and so massive or maybe. It doesn't seem important at all. It really does determine a lot of things like it really determined just how far come from grandmothers and mothers generations to wear. We'll go with their next generation. Hartselle took part in a national congress of American Indians virtual gathering, Tuesday along with tribal leaders and native women in office. The organizations nonpartisan vote campaign focuses on education registration getting out the native vote election protection and data collection according to NCAA I an estimated one point, two, million, American, Indian, and Alaskan native people are unregistered. Five Indian country bills were passed by Congress Tuesday and sent to the president to be signed into law the bill's address missing and murdered indigenous women, self-governance business, and economic development, and legislation to nullify a supplemental treaty for Tribes on the warm springs reservation. There are seven bills currently pending in the house which ranged from education to water rights and veterans. Issues. I'm Antonio

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