The 7 Best Hacks for Your Facebook Ads

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Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer. Just remarking school listeners, all you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of marketing. Skoll I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today. We're GONNA. Talk about the seven best hacks for your facebook ads, so go first the first one around facebook ads is. I have been loving same with my team. Do the offer that we're pushing right now. We just love looking facebook library facebook. Ad Library I also at the same time. I like looking at what ads people running on Youtube and Google us into a call at beat for that, but by doing this competitive analysis or even looking at people are not direct competitors I get a lot of ideas and the ideas that I get their super important based on how facebook ads are designed, because the one thing that matters the most is your creative, and so if you can get. Get ideas from people that are running a lot of creative. It's GonNa save you a lot of time, and it's hopefully going to help you move faster. This requires a little bit of work, but if you rotate up your creatives, really really often like I'm talking about Multiple Multiple Times a day while you'll find is when you upload a new creative within the first few minutes. Jason tries to push more traffic to it to see how it does. Clicks tend to be cheaper impression. Send to be cheaper and then normalizes that you actually credit on the campaign and keep switching. Very very often. What you'll find is right when you switch him up. The numbers tend to be a little bit better number three so I mean people talk about. They've been talking about messenger out for the last couple of years we've had Mickael from many chat on the leveling up podcast before, and they're doing really well crushing mobile monkeys doing well and. FACEBOOK MESSENGER ADS. Depending on the business that you're in to be able to engage with people to drive ads towards your facebook, messenger bought and to be able to help them based on what they're looking for the segment people that's powerful, so I, still think not a lot of people have tried it i. still think it's worth look again. You can use a tool like many, or you can use a tool like mobile monkey. Number Four. Take your check page. Anyone who doesn't convert creative video talk not what it would be like to be a customer whether selling your product or service showed an video. You can even have customers on their with video testimonials edit the video pop it up as a remarketing ad, it'll be one of your heart is converting ads out. There works out well cool and similar to that thinking about when you're doing facebook guides I like retargeting people with even more content right so what I mean. mean by that so for us. Let's say someone visits ourselves marketing page so instead of telling them to convert directly I give even more content on it right so I spend maybe could be five to ten dollars a day. Trying to its elegant, we have a lot of people that reached page will use a daily unique reach option, and so we're gonNA reach unique people each day, and then they're just getting more impressions. They might not necessarily click on our ad, but the impressions count right because. Because we talk about the rule of seven, maybe be the rule fourteen, but you want to get as many impressions as you can on these people, so we're not spending a ton of money, or we're sending even more relevant content at ten dollars a day off SAS content targeting people that have reached maybe a middle, the funnel page or bottom of the funnel page, and then we're just constantly staying top of mind so whenever they're ready, they can take an action right, but it's look nowadays you. You already know people have landed on that page. You might as well take full advantage. I'd just be everywhere on facebook. ADS are a great way to do that. Number six celebrities tend to convert better than not using celebrities go to cameo, a handful of celebrities to

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