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Actively searching for their next future ex wives, it's the Nice guys on Business Oh. Yeah. They know how to treat the lady. We're not endorsing or promoting or denouncing the okay cupid site so you'll find entertaining. I. Think I know you don't like to date. Today, but you date one person forever, and then you marry them and then break up with him. Right exactly. Searching for a boy in highschool is as useless as searching for meaning on the Nice guys on business podcast. One isn't the loneliest number not by a long shot. The Nice guys on business now that's the definition of lonely. Three days a week. They're able to hold it together. This is not one of those days. Welcome to fuck with the Nice guys. Not? Apply, no interviews lots of ranting and they sometimes stumbled onto something useful. Go figure now it's time for a nice guys. Fuck Ary with the kings of fuck ary themselves, Doug, Sandler and Stricklin. Are we back. We're back, welcome back. Welcome back mining string about on the other side of the microphone Mr Doug. Sandler and I'm going to tell you one thing you will not. Hear a damn thing about today, and that's fucking covert and masks or any of that show, and that's because Doug and I spent an hour talking about it. In, it's going to be a separate episode for those of you. That want to hear he and I. Go out at a bit can and for those of your sick of it just fuck inskip that one. It's all good. Oh my Gosh, I have Najah lls. I'm trying to get back in the band again. I gotTA. Sing Man. I can't do it after talking like that shippers. You seem to maintain all the time and I don't know how you do it, but you maintain a very even keel I find that I get out of control very quickly. I elevate rarely quickly. I don't know why I just do I've heard. From some experts, that less stress in your life is healthy. Thing and so that's what I try to do, but. Yes. That's a good theory. If, you want to hear what they're gonNA laughing about. Yes, you can go listen to the other. Is that going to be after this one or before this? Then you'll release it Saturday. You know this is good, because we're teasing it now right? Okay, all right I'll release it tomorrow as a Saturday episode, so you have a good feeling that we're gonNA argue tomorrow. It's exactly going back to the future, and if you want to hear the discussion about about Jj's episode, Spirit Purpose in energy of the biology of belief Dr Bruce Lipton, you can go ahead and listen to the episode, and we talk about that in the first five or ten or fifteen minutes, and then it all goes really fucking downhill from there. But I do have a does. Go Downhill I have a question. What was the in the show notes? The show notes writer did a really good job this time and throughout a gauntlet. Challenge to remember what it was okay so. And by the way I did not realize this until we started getting. Which? I haven't listened to yet. You know on a regular week. We'll get a voicemail to usually both from Jerry right right? We'll apparently this week. We got five from jared. Honest. That unusual not to talk about. Jerry was very vocal this week, but not out of the ordinary for jared throw up five voicemails, not that out of the order, but then we got one from Jenny Ginger which again. Not To? Tim! Tennessee Tannehill, but then we got three more that are just labeled show. I haven't even listened to them yet so before you play the voicemails, can you? As Exhibit A.. Can we go back in? Can you read the challenge that you threw up on the show nuts the last episode? Yeah, I'm looking for. I actually had it up but I. I. Don't know what I'd do it so I'm. Now, just going to pull up the website so our showed US writer when we started getting all his voice, or like what the fuck is going on, we'll. Apparently our show notes writer who I was giving a little grief to last week about actually writing real notes that I said. You know we should do that, so here are his notes from last week. It says hey, so listen to today's show and they. That'd be your they want. Want me to write. Actual show notes again two weeks in a row. Fuck that all of YOU HELL! Both of you listeners don't even appreciate last week's notes as much as Doug did. Okay, the guys mention a couple of links and I'm a big muppets fan saw post in here. That was US talking about Dave Grohl and animal, doing the yeah and posts here and for Jj's episode, because obviously he's fantasy does right, yeah. strickler probably never listened to but I did. Let's do it if you WANNA. Hear details, you can listen to Marshall with

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