Democratic state senator calls on Madigan to resign


Looks like 78 year old statehouse speaker and Democratic Party chairman and Leno and Mike Madigan is the target of a federal corruption investigation. US. Attorney John Lauch says comment admits it started giving out jobs. Contracts and payments to win over Madigan's favor as far back as 2011 admitted fax detail a nearly decade long corruption scheme involving top management of a large public utility leaders in state government consultants and several others inside and outside of government. In two words, it's not good. At least one Democratic lawmakers as the House speaker should step down. Grayslake. Democratic Senator Melinda Bush says the speaker urged representative Luis Arroyo to resign. Then, after he was charged with bribery, And while the speaker has not been charged, Bush says it is clear that he was intimately involved in both the planning and execution of a longstanding bribery scheme with Commonwealth Edison. He says Madigan should step down a speaker as a state representative and as the leader of the state Democratic Party,

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