Fleeing, just like from New York City.


Fleeing, just like from New York City. Lucky that the mayors don't need his help. And now Cuomo is doing the same. New York City of 277% spike in shootings in August. It is on course to have the most murders in a decade. And yet they want the city Council. Oh, not the City Council did it. The City Council wants to cut billion a billion dollars from a $6 billion police budget. You don't think there's a correlation between violence on the streets of the fact that New York politicians and the media is doing everything to demoralize them by defunding them. The governor led his Out of control temper, get the better of him. He just hurt New York in New York City. By attacking the one man who can actually help him. No. Why Chicago wasn't on that list. Because their mayor Lori Lightfoot, even though she personally does not like Donald Trump accepted his help. Because she did what was best for her sitting Which

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