Blinkers Off 455: Kentucky Derby, Oaks Early Analysis and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


He did win he did win rather easily wasn't close. So yeah. Giving credit boat. What did we learn? Much he is. He's. He's at the same same opinion now as two weeks ago on I, kind of feel like he also in tweet this out. The two things right now that I can guarantee, you can get a bunch attraction on twitter is whether or not skydivers running in the Derby or the oaks? which we'll talk about that coming up or maximum security just in general and so after he won I tweeted out basically, how do we feel about him now you know there's something basic new deal attention obviously blew up and someone said something like he kind of he's one of those horses that just if he runs against a great three, he's GonNa win by two if you if he runs in a grade one against the best horses in the world, he's GonNa win by two like he just kind of is that. That I agree like he almost does does what he needs to do. He's very good. He has a lot of hard he he tries hard and. I it's. So it's. It's. It's one of those that makes it hard for us to kind of. Get a feel for how good he really is. You know when it comes to moving forward like how is he already do with when he faced his law Tom or whatever? Yeah. I can't argue that because that's kind of how he how is he said he just wins by how much he needs to win by Yeah, I mean. I, think I think maybe some sort of vessel show. It's like he's a defensive used for sure the breeders kept you don't WanNa get beat by certainly but you know if he's going to be a shorter price, I think there's better horses to take a couple at least so we'll see but. Again. We might get one more preppy baffert says something about going to Belmont and I think we would learn a little bit more. If he goes the awesome again at sexy either surprising, they would go i. don't see any ways going into the. Not stay home I don't know the answer to that but Yeah. He the awesome. Again, YOU'RE GONNA face the same horses. So I don't I don't really know what you're going to find out unless that's why like he wants to get some kind of a tough. Yeah. Maybe get an actual racing on him. Yeah that's possible. I. Don't know a- but he he's definitely one of the top contenders if not the operate now I just thought it funny that all. Especially after the San, Diego, you know you have what is easy back you know is regressed, and then he comes back for the second star he runs career-high buyer. Going to turn Pro Yeah career-high buyer I guess that's something that we now. How surprised by the one seven? But yeah I mean he's usually a horse runs like a one while the to. These to turn races he did run a little better higher buyers going the one turn, but still together mile think maybe it was. For the year two one eleven or something Yeah Day but pretty he it again, we don't have a buyer for were i. don't what the Saudi Cup came back as that was probably pretty high as well. But still like one zero seven to run it seemingly didn't live like that but he said he just needs to do. All right. Actually, the number one star, this week was rushing fall. This is probably the race of the day for sure this mean, this horse imagine pointed this out on the on the website. Listen to this the Turf Rocket, which is AKA rushing fall turned into one of those sources and racing history is the second horse join beholder to ever win at least one American grade. One race is race at age ages two, three, four, and five. Like think about that grade one races, four years in a row this horse, obviously a hall of Famer may be babies good as ever right now that's the thing gi she really i. think he's raising. She might be are they did really really mean Mary take nothing away from her. Awesome and really had had you kinda wondering okay she can't. She's not going to get there. But rushing fall she just adapt. She's one of those. You can go right to the lead she can sit off like she did with mean Mary was that that was interesting because casts Alana's like, yeah I was GONNA go. That was the plan to go to the League. Yeah, and they'd be married activities like like she usually doing bug of leads. So we is backed her off and ended up being perfect trip. That's all. It's always perfect if you catch them but if she doesn't catch him you why didn't you put a closer? Working out just fine for so yeah, we. Not I just special day race around the far turn three-quarters went and one eleven and four. It's mean Mary on the inside and rushing fall on the outside and now the two of them are heads apart for the lead as they hit the top of the stretch mean Mary on the inside House lead on the outside it is rushing fall. It's mean Mary rushing fall now nothing between them as they passed the eighth pole on the outside rushing fall mean Mary on the inside terrific finish here in the Diana rushing fall now has the leading team stretch and rushing. House one at she she obviously is in the best four of her life WHO's not though is sister Charlie. Who ran in that racist Charlie's get some Isham frankly trial and unique both horses. You know we talk about this on the paw that was a big. That was a big kind of talking point last week we was like we really both going to go against. An. Traveling around the same weekend and we're both not beginning, and by the way we voted with them for like three years in a row. Without they both lose both of them don't get close by the way. So they I mean. Chat seems just dead set on. Breeders. Cup is still the plan for Sister Charlie. I in the turf course in whatever is not to their liking I at Saratoga I thought between the two. You'RE GONNA analyze the goal from are very good I. Think Sister Charlie. showed a little more than was like nowhere to be found and that's twice in a row. We're was just like where what she yeah sister Charlie he's involved. You know she's in the race you see your back there she does make up some ground, but she just not she doesn't look the same and all. Yeah I mean both of really disappointing and I I hate to say I don't know I really don't know if these horses will ever win again. But it's hard to say they're going to after these. You know it's not sister Charlie. Sure. Lose a rushing fall lose to mean Mary that's not so bad but she wasn't even ever close. There was no doubt. One of those two were going to win and she was third and barely got third and was way back. East you have to go back and look at last year's Diana look at. When he won the Breeders Cup Team Me Gosto. May Ran Pretty good. Yeah but. Like those moves just don't exist right now these horses in those are not what we're used to seeing.

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