17 protesters arrested outside Philadelphia landlord-tenant court


Moratorium takes effect tomorrow, three days after the state moratorium and it in that short time frame gap. Philadelphia's landlord tenant court began hearing eviction cases. Ability of City Hall Bureau treat path low reports that prompted a small group of protesters to block the entrances. Earlier today, 17 protesters effectively shut down the court until they were arrested about 12 30 Mayor Jim Kenney says blocking court doors is not covered by the First Amendment. But he does sympathized with the protesters cause I don't think we should addicting people in a little dependent. We want to keep as many people in their apartments in their houses responsible until this plague moves beyond us. The city has Seen a rise in new covert 19 cases this week, according to Health Commissioner Tom Farley. He says that most likely reflects the outbreak at Temple. Most of the new cases involve younger people, He says that's consistent with the rise in cases statewide associated with college reopening, he says it will not affect the resumption of indoor dining on Tuesday, though it may slow reopening other activities. The college associate out Lou show that virus still has potential to come back strong. Both Farley and the mayor praised temples response to the outbreak. Farley advise students to move back Where they were living over the summer to reduce density on a near campus. But he says, to do so carefully to avoid taking it home to family members, Pat Lobe K

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