IFA 2020 gadgets / Intel announces 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs / Nvidia announces RTX 3080 and 3090 - burst 07

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Perspective is. Join US Stern at the Wall Street Journal. But like that perspective of it's not ready yet it's such a US centric perspective because if you look at the charts of us, five speeds compared ever else in the world. My Dad's we have lost the race. Yeah. I'm here to report part of it is the chips aren't there yet like qualcomm still doesn't integrate a five G. Modem into its core snapdragon chip. If you buy Galaxy S. twenty today, it has a separate modem chip in. It's still that's you know sapping power. We're not even at the point where the best processor has built in five G. They have the the step down one does but like the biggest best processor that you're putting in your flagship phones, which are the big expensive phones that people want to buy don't even have the best form of you know. Just hardware in a very basic level that they can yet. But I. I think that is worrying about a problem that seems solvable because you can you as a person might be able to buy one phone or another worrying about the network is just waiting on

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