President Trump, Patriots And Congressman Emanuel Cleaver discussed on Handel on the Law


They're also bracing for possible face off between protesters and counter protesters. Haydn security presence for 146 running of the Kentucky Derby. There will be no fans inside, but outside, we expect multiple groups of social justice. A national coalition of groups say they're going to protest sister be. They believe that the officers that Briana Taylor shooting should have been arrested and charged counter protesters turned out a part Nearby. They call themselves Patriots. Many of them were armed post time for the Derby is 7 P.m. Eastern. Ah, Hoax and Fake News is how President Trump describes an article in the Atlantic that alleges he called World War One casualties. Losers and suckers vices, Jennifer Griffin reports. Her sources are backing parts of the article. My sources include two senior former Trump administration officials. You were on the trip to France, where these remarks allegedly were made. One of these former Trump administration officials told me when the president spoke about the Vietnam War, he always said it was a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker. According to this source, the president would often say about American veterans. What's in it for them? They don't make any money. Former VP and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says the comments are deplorable if the accusations are true, Recent polls show President Trump close behind former VP Biden, Missouri Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is among those concerned about the close polls. I hope every person who is interested in the Biden candidacy also looks at it in a way that sees the tightening Congressman Cleaver on Fox's America's News headquarters. America

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