Let's there at the wall. We find things to do


One with the Giants win. In three. The Red Sox won a couple of ST Louis when a couple all these guys are based on line drive contact hitters. How do you have the stupidity to put a team together with predominant white handed here is in Yankee Stadium, You could go through the whole history of the Yankees, whether it's Ruth. Or, you know any error that thinks he's dominated, completely dominate with left handed pitching, except for you know, Joe DiMaggio years, But other than that, they still had left to guys and Mantle was switching or so I mean, I don't really understand Brian Brian philosophy. Cashman's philosophy, not saying he doesn't do it, God willing guys in but I don't understand the injuries, the constant injuries and I listened to an interview with Rob double the other night was interesting, and he talked about stretching. The fact that these guys don't stretch all he did was left when they get on the field or muscles tightened up, You know, get injuries and so forth. But this is embarrassing. They're embarrassing to me right now.

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