No charges against officer who fatally shot Michael Brown


The results of a secret five month review of the Darren Wilson case. The ST Louis County prosecutor has announced there will be no charges filed against the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown. The question for this office was a simple one. Could we prove beyond a reasonable doubt? Then when Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, he committed murder. Or manslaughter. Under Missouri law, this is Kevin Killeen. ST. Louis County prosecutor Wesley Bell says the evidence wasn't there. And he would have also had to prove that self defence was not a factor as Brown scuffled with Wilson trying to take the officer's gun. What I hope is that People who are watching this understand that way. Put the time We We did a thorough And detailed investigation. The last farm road, you know, But even as Bell was leaving the podium, Ferguson activist heckled him, saying it's over. He will never serve more than one term that the investigation was not good enough. Kevin Colleen Saint Louis News radio came Alexe.

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