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And it's our Pleasure to welcome in a two time Emmy Award winning bucks. TV analysts a five time eh, NBA All Star. Did also play at Bella and won a national championship. That's Marcus Johnson here with us on the Zach Yelp show. Marcus appreciate the time How you doing? I'm doing bills. Everything is no good. All can play good benefits in basketball family from your lips to God's ears. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the N B. A bubble. I saw video back in February, You were wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey and you actually threw it down in your road. I'm still dunking at 64 years old. Have you been dunking at all during the pandemic? Or was that a one time thing at 64 district Cream donuts, Bad eye. You must have been nervous, right? Well, every year on my birthday, I do a dung just to see if I could still do it. I didn't plan on doing it this year. Just chill out at my son's a SIA. All over social media. They have got to do it contingent to the one in Sydney one in with that inside, And so, of course, I did a couple of warm up to feel pretty good and And we decided absent phone brought up two tackles. Omar, you know, taco fallen. Whoever jumped over him, Aaron Gordon. Whoever dumped over way last year Next year I'll be 65. That's the official retirement age. I've been retired. I'm Travis. You have to do one more 65 years old. I gotta pay the bed after that. I don't blame you. I don't. I can't even dunk right now. I can't imagine being able to dunk when you're in your sixties. Marcus Johnson here with us on the show. When we look at this MBA restart. We know that the Bucks are the best team in the league. From a record standpoint right now they're going to be the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. The's eight games inside of the bubble. What do you look for out of them where they could really ease themselves back into playing shape? The annex a great question. I was just kind of pondering that looking at the books. Play that scrimmage against neworleans the other night and You know, I just don't think that teams should put too much into the eight. Feeding games. It's a gradual buildup. You want to be planned your best basketball. Obviously when, when the playoffs start. This is such a weird. Praise the different type of experiment. Probably guys. And so, um, you know, see positives from the brother. I've seen not good things about in terms of Kind of fighting since, um, some difficulties against the product in here tonight, but, you know the season games Because boom Jose lost compete. He's gonna want these guys to come out and and just so effort show competitive competitiveness from Paris. But I'm not sure about the ones. The won and lost record is important. At this stage of the game. It's all about kind of a slow, gradual buildup. I've been exploding wants to play all secure here. When you look at the team from last year to this year. What do you see is the biggest difference as they even got better from what they were last year, which was impressive. Well, I mean, ways that it rest values that they're so what he has done that He's given Chris Middleton a breather at defense. Can't Chris I was just looking up Christian defensive record 107th overall, 22nd ranked small forward LeBron and collide As I said at the top. But Chris doesn't have to get all that energy trying to beat this Great three and the win. Clare and I could focus on his office and I was a result becomes one of seven or eight guys who was Trying to suit you both 20% from the three point line, stick to the set plus from the field and monitor it from the people that I think a 20 point today. Yes, I think that's direct benefit to Chris Middleton. Eric Bledsoe also, let's not forget him, Master. He struggle big time last couple of years in the playoffs and honestly, stuff a big farm of the playoffs. Uh, this year, he seemed to be a lot more comfortable in his basketball scared now. It is kind of getting a late start based on tested positive and them in quarantine and all that stuff. How quickly he could kind of get back into a rhythm and flow going to be a big difference. But today I think this team has gotten even better, but local tradition of Robin Has really been a great great move. But John forced our president breaking Robin Lopez, and now we've got two bent beak gets standings and leave so I think the defense has been even better than the great detective team from last season. Marcus Johnson here with us it Zaki help show on CBS Sports radio doing a little bubble breakdown on the Milwaukee butts nationally. The big question about Chris Middleton is. Can the Bucks win it all with him? Be in the Bucks. Second best player. He's a two time All Star. Give me the local feel on that. Our people still concerned locally about Middleton be in that number to peace and winning the championship this year. Right here is where you go. I could go to a barber shop in the hold of the brothers give Ah, little about depended on Chris have the huge games but In terms of inside basketball people, people that have watched Chris closely like myself. I really believe that Chris, it's all about his confident being an all Star to the second consecutive D up really? Helps his belief in himself as being one of the elite players in the league and kept in one of the shooters in the league. And you couple that with the fact that he comes back, he's getting guns for arms and get this definition I've never seen before. His body status. Probably way dog looks really good, really in great shape of the Kalpoe talked about his explosion and bounciness coming back after the four months off was really, really surprised. So he's really putting the work that during this time off to come back and make himself I've been so on. But with president mentally I think that way you get tomato last year, the average with just 14 points in the field, and he left. How Laurie, pending for a big cheque of those minutes in that six game lost to the crap. You have to be enough to love. So you've got a lot to prove, but I think Based on what I'm looking at changes of his body where he is physically brave is right. But I think he's ready to make that statement. When I look at the Eastern Conference, I really do fully expect Milwaukee. To get to the finals. They were in that one seed spot last year did not get there When you look at the Eastern Conference this year, who's the biggest challenger for the Bucks when the season resumes tomorrow night? It's really interesting. You get him some. I think three really legitimate. Even the Miami that mix also, you can't count out exposure and then the butler as your lead gap, but I think there's still a little bit godly hero of none. And guys like that. And then he began by making just a little bit young and that, Betty, but I really believe that Celtics man. I mean, people talk about the Raptors, who I respect about. Nick Norris is a great coach. Brad Stevens was great, but one through four in terms of scoring and issues and problems. You know Jason Taylor planted Kemba Walker is the number one option. That's two through four group these guys to produce and I think about taking on like the game, and that's the most since that Golden State a couple of years ago, but most just like second most 1995 in terms of looking for and then when Gordon Hayward is your fourth option, going going home. What is your fourth option? And then we talk about a container my greatest been, but then this Dylan Brown watching his footwork. Watching the lip bruised stands the finishes in traffic. He's a guy that could be a real problem for team like the book had been. The wild card would be market smart. Distant Jabba, even though Marcus Smart Sixthree export out of 16 11 Marcus Smart office of players and we know how much she just underneath their skin. And so he's a guy that has given me honest as much trouble as anybody scoring effectively and officially against it, So I said that and then the two big catch I mean the pick and roll for five hours straight that Boston life's run. Those two guys found business cancer, pounded it inside a greatjob getting into the paint and score of them that I'm not gonna puke my shot and roll that movies have private medical himself. I really believe that Celtics to me that they're not deed. I think both those four score that they have been a lot of pressure on the Milwaukee ways that do the Middleton. To defend at a high level every night in order to be a minute in a series.

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