Miami-Dade County among Florida locations closing COVID-19 test sites because of tropical weather


Bad news out of Florida for a third straight day. Florida has broken its own record for the number of corona virus deaths in a single day. Let's go to CNN's randy case joining us from West Palm Beach Randy. You're one of the testing sites that are not actually being closed down due due to an incoming storm that may hit Florida right now and the next day or so what's the latest? Right there watching this tropical storm Wolf that is brewing out there. So Florida has decided to close all state run testing sites throughout the state. I'm at one of them here in Palm Beach County in the county they are actually closing all eight state run testing sites. The one where we are at has served about thirty thousand people It's open five days a week they also do antibodies testing here, but earlier in the day. We were here and they were dismantling it. They were taking apart the tents and the polls and some of the cones that's because those would not be able to withstand those tropical storm force winds. But this is one of the hardest hit counties in the state. So certainly, some concern about closing these sites even further south of here in Miami Dade, they're closing thirteen sites in Miami Dade. County, that's the hardest county they still. Have A positivity rate there of about eighteen percent. So some concern still there and in Broward county another hard hit county here they are closing twelve site. So in all in these three hardest hit southern counties in southern Florida, they are closing thirty three state run testing

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