Young adults the focus of new Tik Tok awareness campaign on Cape Cod


W. B. C's Kim Tunnicliffe. We want Cape Cod three. Open safely and stay open. We all need to show up wearing our masks. It's called Show up with a mask. The one minute video features Cape Cotter's between 15 and 25 years old, urging young people to wear a mask with out at a party or in a crowd. The Barnstable County Health Department is displaying the video on its newly created Tic Tac Page, Health Department deputy director Erica would says there's been two new clusters of Corona virus cases on the Cape. There's been some House parties on the Cape and there have been spikes from those house parties. Unfortunately, a lot of these younger people work for the hospitality industry, which obviously creates more issues. The county Health Department is also challenging young people to make their own videos with themselves wearing masks and posting it on Tick talk. Kevin Tana Cliff W. B. Z Boston's news radio, It's estimated the Koven, 19 has put at least

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