Countries Look to Lockdown Again After Easing of Restrictions Sees Coronavirus Cases Soar


And the search has been driven by infections in John Ging. In the Northeast Manning province report 1/5 straight day of new infections. Jilin Province reported to new cases. Those were the first since May, Australian authorities have imposed a six week locked down in parts of the South eastern state of Victoria. They said that could last longer. Meanwhile, in Japan, the government said it would urge businesses to ramp up antivirus measures like staggered shifts and embassy. Rates of telecommuting returns levels achieved during an earlier state of emergency. Vietnam is evacuating 80,000 people, 80,000 people. After three residents tested positive this weekend. Read that first living extreme response. Have three cases and you expelled 80,000 people. Again. The notion that this is restricted to America that America is getting hard hit. Basically, here's the deal. No one knows how to stop. The virus virus is growing nearly everywhere. The idea that simply locking down all of society for years on end In order to curb the spread of the virus, which young is not particularly deadly. That's bad policy is bad policy, and it has some real ramifications. I know everybody's pretending that we can simply float cash to vast swaths of people. For insane amount of time. But that is not the way any of this works. At a certain point. The economy is going to get out. You cannot allow this to go on forever. Now there's some good news by the way, and it's news worth noting. The good news is that apparently that a couple of drugs that are going to come online maybe that could really help. There's one drug promoted by scientists at Hebrew University. They are hoping could actually reduce the impact of Corona virus to that of the common cold. That would obviously be a huge winner. Basically using anti inflammatories. We'll see. If that happens In the meantime, this notion we're gonna lock down forever. It just ain't in the cards is not gonna happen.

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