US Republicans have unveiled a $1 trillion package to kick-start the economy, Democrats call the plan 'inadequate'


Republicans have unveiled a trillion dollar package to kick start the country's economy after the damage done by the pandemic Democrats, have already called the plan inadequate. Joining me on the line is Scott Lucas professor of US politics at the University of Birmingham, good morning and welcome to the brim scores. So what are the main feature of this baggage? The headline that will come out of this is not one of actually protecting people. And support, it will actually be the fact that unemployment benefits for millions of Americans who have lost their jobs from Corona virus? Those benefits will be cut by sixty seven percent from six hundred dollars per week to two hundred dollars per week. there is a twelve hundred dollar payment the equivalent of three weeks. Of support that is being lost, but after that. You've got. More than fifty one million Americans who filed unemployment application since mid-march, trying to exist on a lot less money. The Republicans argue well that six hundred a week is a disincentive to return to work, but it seems to be at a time. When Corona virus is resurging in the states of very heavy measure to sort of bludgeoned people back into work places. That may not be safe. Beyond that you do have a lot of protection for business for example protecting them from lawsuits. From workers over Corona virus cases. You do have some more support for small businesses. But you also include some pet projects, the most notable of which is a new FBI building which is almost an obsession of donald trump, probably almost a billion dollars in that gets in there at the same time that those who are trying to get by week-to-week are not going to be helped by this measure. Do. You think this is one of the United States needs at least moments, well I think it's a reality in without playing party politics. We've got to say look is the fact is is that as the pandemic is not only continuing but surging in the United States? It gets more and more expensive to try to deal with the economic effects. You have already had to support packages worth a total about five trillion. This would be the third. The Democrats want three trillion rather than one trillion to fully protect people in other words. The bottom line here is is that the ultimate protection from Corona virus not just for lives. Not just for families affected by the loss of lives, but for the US economy is to get the virus under control, and the administration has singularly failed to do that when you have coronavirus cases that are researching and forty-one and fifty days looking at then, what's the Democrats? Won't so you already mentioned that? The Republicans want to cut unemployment benefits and the Democrats would also want to spend moist. There's something. Something else that Democrats. Also what will the Democrats want to maintain The unemployment benefit through the end of twenty twenty at the current level beyond that, however the Democrats want more money for test trace to contain corona virus, and the White House has held out against that because more money for testing trace exposes Donald Trump's claim that less testing means less cases. So why don't we just go that path? The Democrats also. One did not want to see liability protection for businesses. They think that's the wrong priority. Instead the money should be put into community development, getting more people into the workplace on a community basis in a safe way, and there's also another big difference in this that reflects trump's priorities, and that is that the Republicans, rather than providing unemployment benefits rather than trying to build up the safety net or providing tens of billions of. Of Dollars for schools that reopened with full class instruction from next month. The problem with that Donald Trump may be demanding that there is no online instruction at schools, but medical experts say it poses a threat to staff to children and to their parents. It also sounds like Americans can expect too. Many Americans can expect to receive some some chicks also as a financial stimulus something that is a donald trump approach as well. It's two things. One is okay. We dangled twelve hundred dollars to you and let's say if it's my parents. In a WHO retirees it's up and they'll be eager to vote for trump in November because they just got more money, but I come back to the basic point. If you're unemployed and again more than fifty one million Americans filed unemployment applications that twelve hundred dollars direct payment only covers you for three weeks of lost money from the fact that you're having declined benefit until you can find another job, so it's sort of more of A. A token effort by the Republicans doesn't really deal with the long-term economic situation, and really exposes I think the bottom line for the administration, which is even yesterday, Larry, cudlow the White House is top economic advisor was saying when we are having more than a thousand deaths today in the United States when we're now more than four point three million cases. It's okay we're on a v-shaped recovery. Guess what folks we're not, and we won't be recovered by November, when Donald Trump has his priority, which is getting a second term in office. Exactly, SCOTT'S A. Nice Republicans are they all united behind these plan? No their their blood, and in five. This is something that causes further complications. They can't just point at the Democrats and say Oh. Boo to you. You won't support our measures a number of leading Senate Republicans. Including the two thousand sixteen presidential candidate Ted Cruz have said they will not accept any stimulus package. That's it no more money for anything. Graham Donald. Trump's front has warned that there's opposition to any package and the confusion knots Republicans with so great that as the bill was unveiled yesterday. Senate leader Mitch McConnell the most important. Republican in the Chamber did not know that the measure still included the seven hundred and fifty million dollars for the new FBI building. What will happen next with this plan? Won't pass. The House remember the House Democrats have already passed their three trillion. Dollar stimulus package and they're going to say look. That's the one you have to deal that your baseline. Mark Meadows the White House Chief of Staff Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. We're meeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer last night, so no deal with our plan, but the idea of slashing unemployment benefits by almost seventy percent of while protecting businesses from lawsuits. That's a no go for Democrats, so I fear. What you see is that as the unemployment benefits expire this week, you might have a short term extension. Of those benefits, but the Democrats will insist that it six hundred dollars per week. If the Republicans don't assist on that, this bill of theirs will not pass, and all those Americans who have been out of work, get nothing house of next week, and what to expect to happen with the US economy. The US economy is going to continue to. Be Stagnant and probably go downwards. Again, bottom line. Not Revive an economy. You cannot reopen as Donald Trump wants to say we'll save. America will be hashed had winning unless you contain corona virus, and the United States does not have output test. Try Test, trace and track measures to safely reopen. And therefore provide economic recovery that trump desperately wants within the next one hundred days, and what kind of a? East this for Donald Trump does he need to emerge from all this as as a winner to succeed the November presidential election? I'm going to be honest with you. Marcus I. don't Care What happens with Donald Trump being a winner. Don't care with Donald Trump's ego. Donald Trump needs to be put into a room away from all of this, because the hard graph that needs to be done, and this is beyond Republicans Democrats they do need to come together to talk about surviving this economic downturn about getting control of the virus, and when you have Donald, trump who? Is Unpredictable. Who is chaotic? Who is not exactly? Up to speed on what is happening he just stands in the way of anything productive whatever happens in November. Scott Lucas thank you very much for joining US

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