1093 D&S: WWJD- What Would Jared Do?


Days a week they're able to hold it together. This is not one of those days. Welcome to fuck with the Nice guys. Not, apply no interviews lots of ranting and they sometimes stumbled onto something useful. Go figure now it's time for a nice guys fuck ary with the kings of fuck ary themselves, Doug Sandler, and Strickland Bonner. Doesn't care if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it actually make a sound that is that is a question. So Strickland was about to sing a lyric from I. Believe the sound of Music is a few of my favorite thing I I come on and you said something and my headphones were turned on. So I didn't hear you and all I heard was favorite things and I immediately thought Oh what I thought of today with some of my favorite things were going to facebook and seeing probably like twenty or twenty five Steve O'Brien opens that. Posted something it was great. It was great and I was sitting here. It was like five minutes of endless back-to-back Steve. O'Brien open. So there was how many were in there? Do you think I have no idea honestly, I slapped a whole shitload of together and I thought that's like seven or eight minutes. That's plenty. So so according to your your post it was it true that Steve O'Brien's Stephanie has I think it's Stephanie. Right Stephanie has never heard any of the opens that he has done for us. Honestly, I couldn't say that I just thought it sounded pretty funny. Trying, to remember how this came up because it was something about he posted something and his wife Stephanie Posted Shit not going look it up because. Oh Damn I can't remember now. All right I got a flood. Sorry. Well, he was I. think that I think that Steve had some surgery maybe some throat surgery I don't Offi what he what he had done a removed or added, or you can't have any more base had to do. What he did other than make himself more. Awesome. so He's already back to back to his normal self. You've probably recording drops in the if from the hey, did you get your extension cable on your headphones hospital bed? Yeah. You didn't see I've heard that are less two meetings and just chance to bring it up. Yeah. No I have not noticed that I'm just seeing it right now I like it. That's like very similar I have a like a black coiled cord. Yours is like a silver or gold. I can't tell what color that can actually see you're looking at the actual cable not noticing that. Not only do I have that. So I got what Doug talking about is Doug made this amazing suggestion of this like Super Monster. High. Tech Solution of fucking extension cable that I can't believe I never thought of before right? So I've got my you know we got our mics that are like on the boom arm right and of course, you gotta headphones.

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