Daphne Merkin: 22 Minutes of Unconditional Love



This week. I'm talking to someone who I've wanted to talk to for a very long time. But it took until now that she's written her second novel her first novel. enchantment was written over twenty years ago. The new novel twenty two minutes of unconditional love by my guest staff new American is recently published by Farah Strauss. It's a book that has been. In the works. For All that time this version of A crucial event in twenty two minutes of unconditional love in that novel enchantment Daphne tell me. What was it that held you up? What took twenty years to create the snaffle? I'd go even further Michael and say it took thirty years. I described what I wanted to do. Put It that way to an editor who was at a press that no longer exists and I said I'd always been interested in obsession. And the truth of the matter is. My first novel in Chapman. I had originally described to Billy Vaughan of which. The publisher who I laid a worked for five years. I said that was about A. But this was. To be a novel about. What happens if you get involved if your woman who gets involved? With a man who is? In some simple way quote very bad for you. Could be on any level psychologically emotionally, physically abusive the whole spectrum. and. I had read such books. 'cause it always interested me. And the woman usually ended up either dead. Like Ana, Karenina? or Hold off to an institution. And I was always. Interested in a degree of I guess what is called Sadomasochism not in its theatrical form like story of Oh Never much as they say, did it for me, it's too theatrical into Saad is to theatrical for me, but the sort of. Ways in which power gets contorted in relationships, interested me. They said I said I wanNA. Write about obsession. They said fine. They gave me in advance. At that time. It was not. Small. In fact now again it is not sold for a novel, which was one hundred thousand. And! I went off and wrote. To page two hundred twelve. Still remember I remember the scene because the scene is in this. Final novel, which has the lawyer? Character, who the woman is involved with? Named rose asks or demands that. The protagonist judith shown. Cruel across the floor for him. They did as some kind of tribute. To her quote love. More accurately, his power over her, and I got to this page. And I stopped did. And I thought. Just to explain Michael I come from A. Observant Orthodox background. Completely observant not acidic. What's called? Modern Orthodox. And I was I'm one of six siblings. Nine parents were German immigrants. And Even though I had already written. I mean enchantment. What had been treated basically as a memoir. The term auto fiction which I personally could do without hadn't been invented yet. So. If you wrote very autobiographically impelled fiction. Your average lay reader would simply it as oh, she's talking about herself and there were many. Many parts of the novel that were similar to my family. But if I wanted to write a memoir straight, I would have written a memoir, but. All I'm saying is I had already revealed. Things you don't say about your family. If you a modest product of Orthodox background.

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